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May 07, 2010

Don’t Tell Anyone How Much Money You Make.

The amount of money one makes each year has really become much more than a figure showing the amount of purchasing power you have each year. Instead it has become a manner for men to keep score in life with each other, as well as a source of jealousy and irrational dislike because someone else makes more money than someone else.

A lot of financial writers online are more than happy to tell you what their financial status is, how much they make each year, what they do with their money, and what their goals are. Some people even post their monthly budget on the web for all to see. After much contemplation, I’ve realized that this probably isn’t the best thing to do. You won’t be hearing any intimate details of my financial life. It’s really not anyone else’s business except for God and my fiancée. Here are the many reasons why I keep quiet about my income and my financial life.

If I made substantially more than my room-mate or other friends, they would probably become jealous of my salary. They might be well intentioned good people, but over time they would more than likely become jealous and over time resentful. They’re not bad people, but money just has a way of effecting people.

If I made substantially less than any of my friends, they would probably naturally feel superior to me. If I made less than them, they would figure that they are worth a lot more than me and work a lot harder than me. If this were to happen I would have the privilege of dealing with a superiority complex.

If they have the superiority complex, they might begin to pity you and treat you like a charity case. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because who doesn’t like receiving free stuff, but there’s also the matter of pride. My local pastor and I go out to eat every now and then and he always pays, because he feels that he’s farther on in life and has the money to spare, whereas I am a young adult who is starting out in life. I don’t have a problem with this at all. It all depends on the character of the person you are dealing with, but it’s probably best to just avoid the opportunity for this to happen all together.

If you are out in public with your friends, you will have to have extra justification for your frugal spending habits. You can’t just say, that the money is not there, because if they know what you make, they’ll start saying things like “I know you’ve got the money” when it comes to eating out and making purchases.
There are just too many opportunities for character issues to come out when it comes to revealing your salary. I suggest that you do as I do and keep it quiet.


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