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January 13, 2016

Selling memberships If you have a large base of expertise and are able to produce a significant amount of content around it, you may want to create a membership site to distribute it. As people have become more and more comfortable making purchases online, the concept of paying an expert to teach you something from the web has gained in popularity. In addition, it allows a user to feel a sense of solidarity with an established community (“I am a card-holding member”). Often a membership site will distribute a portion of it’s content for free as the “hook” to entice prospective clients to become members. For example, if you had a site that created editorial articles, you could release 1 out of 10 as a free article with an offer to join in the conclusion of the article. Membership sites tend to work really well in conjunction with other methods. A membership site about digital photography would have no problem selling an ebook written by the experts that run the site or even selling a product that integrates with Adobe Photoshop for image post processing. In fact, once you have a site with an established membership base, you can ask the members what they would like to purchase from the site. You will have an entire community of pre-qualified leads. Membership sites are an excellent online business platform because, by their very nature, they provide ongoing, recurring income. There are so many ways to make a profitable online business, this article has only scratched the surface of what’s possible. Remember to think about scalability in any online venture. If you create something that generates income, but it requires an enormous, continual investment of time, then you may be better served to look at another business model. Do you have creative ideas for online businesses? I would love to hear about them. How about success stories? Get the accolades you deserve; post your stories and ideas in the comments below.

November 23, 2012

5 best ways to use QR codes in social media

Everywhere I go whether I am walking down the street or walking through a store or even sitting on my butt watching TV, I see these QR codes being used for marketing everywhere. Having experience with the data capture industry, I can tell you that QR codes are powerful and can contain a large amount of information and they are also easy for people to use which is partially why I think they have gained popularity so fast with consumers. All you need is a camera and some software like a free app such as what you can download on any smart phone today. We live in an increasing data driven world and QR codes are even heavily used for asset and inventory tracking within the manufacturing, logistics and healthcare industries and are quickly gaining popularity in other industries, so QR codes are here to stay.

It is a great idea to embrace and adopt QR codes into your marketing strategies 'now' as the use of mobile devices and QR codes gain popularity as it is best not to play 'catch up' when competing with other marketing campaigns and strategies. This way you can spread your content through an increased number of media types for your marketing campaigns and even add creative touch (also think Branding) such as you guys have done with the QR code for Zense giving it a Zen-like look and feel to your brand. I personally like some of the artistic QR codes (you can make via seen on this Mashable article such as with the embedded picture of Palm trees and buildings for the Discover LA Tourism Bureau.


December 08, 2011

Subscription Newsletter websites & Sales

The Benefits of Running a Subscription Website

Whichever way you look at it, running your own Subscription Based Membership Website has so many advantages over other businesses. For example, think about the advantages of running an online business, where your main ‘product’ is merely ‘electrons’ (i.e. the "pages" of your website!).

There are many benefits of running an online business like this: -

Minimal investment – all you really need is a computer, and access to the Internet, and you’re in the game!
Low overheads – work from home, with no need for office premises, no travelling to work etc.
No stockholding – your website is your ‘product’, so no need to hold stock (NB: other than possibly ‘Back End’ products – see later).
No employees – run your business by yourself.
Run Part Time or Full Time, at hours to suit you.
Run your business from anywhere in the world.

The whole world can be your marketplace (depending upon your chosen ‘niche’ topic).
You can sell and deliver ‘digital’ products and services instantly, and for practically zero cost.

There is no other type of business marketplace that can provide you with these sorts of advantages.

If you want to run a membership site, WordPress can handle the whole thing for you, when combined with a membership plugin – in this post I will be taking a look at the different options.

Essentially Membership allows you to transform your WordPress, WPMU or BuddyPress site into a fully functional membership site – where you can provide access to downloads, online content, videos, forums, support and more through flexible membership levels and options

Karl Delg. is the founder of Creative Webdesign 123, a startup company based in Canada. Creative Design is a partner of Hineni which builds Online Communities, Web Applications, WordPress Plugins and has been publishing content online for 5 years.

Membership and Premium Content sites

Are you passionate about a topic?
Here's how to turn it into your own paid membership website...

Want to sell online content with your own membership site?
And earn ongoing recurring income from subscribers? My very first attempt at running a membership site still made me over $27,000 in the last few months (without paid advertising). Now it took some work to set it up, but it continues to produce every month.

What is a Membership Web Site?
Essentially, a membership site is when anyone pays to access information you publish in a password protected area on your site. You can offer exclusive articles, information, or even a service (like software, games, ebooks, or music). This site teaches you how to start and market your own membership web site.People are willing to pay for online content. In fact, the "Online Publishers Association" revealed that pay-for content is emerging as a hot revenue model. Get paid to turn your hobby, specialized knowledge, or profession into a membership web site.

People are willing to pay for online content. In fact, the "Online Publishers Association" of USA revealed that pay-for content is emerging as a hot revenue model. Get paid to turn your hobby, specialized knowledge, or profession into a membership web site.

Check this out ! $250,000

October 21, 2011

The best way to build a business online Effortlessly!

The best way to Make a business online Effortlessly!
The web means visitors to develop an online business without having too much energy. It’s not only very easy to master a great internet business but it’s a serious idea and a choice to most individuals world wide. There are several men and women globally that hold them selves stuck for their pc screens on the lookout for some beneficial economic benefits. The web typically offer fulfilling possibilities in the form of new tasks, gaining extra income or generating an online business!
Whilst generating money from an online business is rather effortless , having a subcription website sort of is. Come back to at the first try you drove a motor vehicle and click
 about all of the things that have been undergoing your head as you received all set to take from the entrance. Just after generating for a short while these materials turn out to be subsequent mother nature. When putting together an online business initially you have got to fit excess imagined to your web site. To have success you to focus on the facts!The demand for web site makers is rising. Virtually all online companies are searching for a creator who can develop an attractive and report web site. An uplifting website does one half of the job by pulling targeted traffic on the way to per se. It also provides business enterprise an aggressive fringe over other individuals while in the exact same kind of service. Customers seek out sites which offer effortless direction-finding. If a web site is simple to use, it can share its concept sharper given that a web surfer won’t have trouble going around the web page. However, if your web site is complicated, the surfers can become leaving this web page and not revisiting it just as before. So it is burdened continuously that your web site really should be very easy to understand.
The and the majority of vital move on the way to using a thriving internet business is marketing and sales. It can be vital this be given thinking in the beginning, while in the first developmental phases within your business enterprise. Leaving behind this message a great afterthought can cause risky translates into future.
First suggestion, the organization will have to make an effort to locate thus hitting the targeted bunch of persons, this is your InchMarketInch or your InchTargeted Shopping for PartyInch. As soon as this is successfully done, men and women may then move on to develop various advertising strategies. Lastly, the organization will have to priceless content . the expertise of business enterprise in as beneficial fashion as it can be. A great and favorable services are precisely what is essential to customers today. Fulfillment of customer support is helpful to the business enterprise for both extended and growing process. Using these points, individuals can create a lucrative internet business on their own. The range of on-line profitable things to do stays being considered!

Methods Dependent Earnings Idea – Have right now a notion, develop a wonderful web site that is certainly entirely possible that your prospective customers to work with and have a strong marketing and sales system available to make home the cash.


September 25, 2011

Profitable online business with information

Selling Information Products

We ALL have special expertise at something. Your special expertise combined with a passion for the subject make ebooks the most profitable Internet Products. You can write an ebook about anything in which you have a special interest or expertise.

Selling information products in electronic ebook format accounted for over 24% of all Internet sales this year, and it's growing. Information products are almost 100% profit. The key is to offer valuable hard to find information in your special expertise at a reasonable price.

Authors are offering every type of subject matter on-line in the form of electronic books.

Almost anyone can create, publish and sell or give away information products. You can deliver information in ebooks at no cost via e-mail or web site download.

You can also use free information products to promote your business but here you'll get just some of the ways to make money online selling information products:

•eBooks. eBooks are the most popular, so you can usually find eBooks that are suitable to resell to your market -- no matter who your audience is.

•Email courses. An email course is often delivered in smaller pieces over a course of days or weeks -- and as the name suggests, you email it to the customer, rather than sending them to a website where they download it.

•E-zine articles. You can frequently buy individual articles to use as content for your own e-zine. This is a good choice if you want to deliver an e-zine to your audience, but don't have the time (or desire) to write it yourself.
As you can see, selling information to make money online is quick and easy when you purchase the rights to sell an established product.

Interested in learning more ways to make money online selling information? Register in my newsletter to read about our proven system for starting and growing a wildly profitable online business.

About the Author:
Mari Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online business, web-based business, information biz and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, contact me and also visit:

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August 08, 2011

Earn a Living as an Amazon Associate

I am sure you have heard of making money online by referring Amazon affiliate products. It is quite popular for bloggers these days to refer products from Amazon on their blog using links on anchor texts. But have you considered creating a site that is tailor-made for selling Amazon affiliate products? A site that is made for Amazon affiliate products will definitely see you make more sales than simply selling single products now and then through your blog articles.

In this post I showcase mine and tell you how to build Amazon affiliate sites to make money online.

I started doing a bit of internet marketing as a way to supplement my hubby’s income when he lost his job and since then, my blogs have grown into an secure income source making me more money than my full time job. I want to pass my success on to you!

An Amazon affiliate site can be created more easily than you think. Especially, if you are already using WordPress. All you need to do to create an Amazon affiliate site is a self-hosted WordPress blogging platform, a few additional plugins. The plugins are important to boost your efficiency when you are selling affiliate products.

Once your blog is ready with WordPress and plugins then you need to generate traffic. There are some really powerful plugins available to boost the efficiency of your Amazon affiliate site. There is both premium and free plugin available.

WordPress Amazon Store Plugin is a free plugin that is available for bloggers to start selling using the Amazon affiliate program. The plugin lets you to integrate a Shopping Cart with a Drag-and-Drop feature that allows the visitr to view their selected cart items while shopping throughout your website. This can make your affiliate sales rocket to amounts you have not expected. You can install the free WordPress Amazon Store plugin here.

Of course, if you would prefer to use a premium plugin to boost your Amazon affiliate site then WP Zon Builder is the choice for you. This plugin allows you to hundreds of Amazon affiliate products to your blog within minutes. There are an array of other features that this plugin offers to a blogger who wants to make his work on Amazon affiliate selling easier and more profitable.

Once you are done with this, you can work on driving traffic to your Amazon affiliate site. This can be done by writing articles on the niche related to the products that you plan to sell. Suppose if you create an Amazon affiliate site around books then you can easily refer books through Amazons affiliate program. This way you will notice that your conversions are much higher than when you try to refer through articles now and then.

I want to let other people know that there IS A WAY! By applying techniques I will teach you, it will allow you to start earning money in your first month! Thousands of websites are made every day by people with little or no computer experience. The best part about my site is I go through the learning process for you and pass my knowledge on. You can also benefit from product reviews, interviews with other top bloggers and insider secrets.

About the Author:
Mari Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online business, web-based business, information biz and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, contact me and also visit:

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June 24, 2011

Successful information based business Models

Create a product once, sell it forever!

Valuable information is hard to come by and someone who is serious about certain topic and marketing it will certainly not hesitate to pay for it.

But you have to know who to market your information to and how to do it.

Infopreneurship for instance is a business model based on the sale of information. Information is a commodity. It is what people look for on the internet. They want answers to their questions. And many are willing to pay for these answers.

Info Product Home Based Businesses is another: You can learn how to create your own Info Product. So many people before you, have created their own Info Product and enjoy their passions and their skills.

Take a moment to daydream and in your dream consider all of the positive things that are involved with owning your Own Information Business and just simply taking total control of your life. Doing this in a way that is totally positive.

Just imagine in your everyday life, you are running a business that you Totally Enjoyed. You would do everything possible to make sure that it was a total success. It would be a positive force in your life.

Now, also imagine that you were eating and exercising better all of the time. That you were totally in control of your finances. That Life as a whole was just moving along a lot smoother.

Therefore, you would have some type of super energy that helps you to get these things accomplished. This is a Positive Energy Force. Information based business ownership can do it for you.

About the Author:
Mari Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online business, web-based business, information biz and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, contact me and also visit:

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Information Based Services

You could turn your ability to gather information into a business. You may be thinking of starting a business as an information broker known also as Information Brokering business one of the many in the information based services industry.

For those of you considering Information Brokering (IB) as a new career, you will need to do some research about the field before deciding whether to begin an IB business. Starting an IB business requires investing time and dollars for business development. For example, many IBs sign on to various online database vendors and commit to online database training, collections of documentation, and a substantial learning curve.

Or, you may decide to pursue seminars or educational programs to learn how to become an information broker. Some prospective IBs decide that going to graduate school to obtain a masters degree in library and information science or a field of specialization is important. Becoming an IB can also mean investing in new hardware and software. You may also decide to launch a sophisticated marketing program, which often involves significant up-front costs.

To facilitate some of your research efforts, Hineni Media through Light Your Life, is an experienced information broker, author, and teacher answers some frequently asked questions about the field of information brokering. HM recently developed an mentoring program which she teaches about here.


Information brokering is a popular new field that is experiencing attention. Although a few information brokers began their businesses some 20 twenty years ago, Ellen Bates is considered the pioneer. Only during the past 10 years or so did the information explosion has occurred, creating the growth in online databases, personal computers and a telecommunications technology with high speed modems that has evolved to a point where all kinds of information can be brought right into your own office and most importantly into your home office. In addition to the increasing popularity for information brokering as a career, there is a growing market for information brokers. Information is now an essential commodity. Major trends in both society and the economy are paving the way for the information brokering profession.

As a result of the recent and continuing information explosion, for example, many individuals in business find themselves affected by "information overload." They require the help of information brokers who find and filter needed data quickly. Other trends demonstrate the market for information brokering: in corporate downsizing, for example, many people who have lost jobs are the same people who will wind up being hired to provide consulting or other services such as information brokering to the very corporation who let them go.

Nevertheless, the market is still a missionary market in most cases. That means you must identify clients and educate them. You need to tell prospective clients, through skillful marketing, what services you have to offer and how the client will benefit from these services. You need to market and sell.


1. The ability to define and implement goals. Being an "idea" person is not enough. You must be able to follow-through.

2. An inclination to take risks, at least calculated risks.

3. An outgoing personality is beneficial.

4. You must be open to new ideas and potential business relationships. The trait of "being open" can bring you many business opportunities.

5. You must be creative in business development ideas to grow your business.

6. The four D's - Determination, Discipline, Dedication, Drive.


Information Brokering requires having or learning how to do some of the following:

1. Operate a small business

2. Market and sell your services

3. Develop skills in research so you will know where and how to find information.

4. Be able to assist your clients in finding solutions through the use of information.

Liking research and being good at it, being comfortable with computers, even being fairly good at spelling and typing are important skills. The key, to success in information brokering, however, centers on an ability to market your business and develop a client base.


If one lacks some of the needed skills, there are ways to compensate. For example, you can team up or form strategic alliances with others, or hire or subcontract parts of your work to those with applicable skills.


There are many possibilities with regard to services you can offer. Some specialize in patent, chemical, legal or public records research. Others know about specific industries such as telecommunications or aviation. Some information professionals do library consulting, document delivery, indexing, or database design. Some IBs combine information brokering with other services they offer. For example, some of my students who have existing freelance businesses in computer or other types of consulting, technical writing, journalism, or translation services have expanded their services by offering information brokering services to existing clients.

Many IBs are generalists and provide all kinds of information. Being a generalist is fine but remember you cannot market generally You must target particular markets.


Many people begin as part-timers and build their client base slowly, sometimes taking a couple of years or more before they are ready to go at it full time.

Some people start by moonlighting. Most of your time in the beginning focuses on marketing and business development. You can build the business slowly while generating income from other sources and in some situations even subsidize your IB business development.

At some point, however, most IBs find that it is logistically difficult to operate part-time. Clients demand that an IB be available throughout the day; it may be stressful to split yourself between different environments. How you choose to develop and operate your business can depend on your ability to adapt yourself to circumstances.


An IB working from home can do online research as a key method for developing a home business. You can either learn how to do online research or you can subcontract jobs to other information brokers. Some information brokers decide that they are not interested in doing their own online searching and instead become "marketeers" for their business by bringing in new clients. Other information brokers take classes in basic online training and develop a passion for online research. There is a considerable learning curve for using online databases efficiently and cost-effectively . Online searching is both an acquired technical skill and an art. Prospective information brokers will need to factor in the learning curve time as part of an investment in his/her business.

Another aspect of the learning curve has to do with pricing your services and estimating prices for online databases in particular. Estimating online costs is a skill you develop over time as you learn how to do online research. Pricing is addressed in detail during the mentoring program.


Since the market is wide open, the possibilities and opportunities are great. In reality, it takes time to build a client base. IBs will gross anywhere from $15,000 to $100,000 or more for a one-person business, once established.

How well you do depends on how much time you spend, whether you are capable of building a business profitably and your long-term commitment to your business. A profitable business depends on you and your business skills. The larger incomes are a result of a long-term investment in your business.


Personal satisfactions include the opportunity to make a good living and new and exciting daily challenges. For those who love the idea of working at home, information brokering offers a way to reach out to clients and colleagues throughout the world while maintaining a home-based business.


How fast you create an IB business depends on several factors including:

1. How much time and/or money you put into the process.

2. Whether you perceive and identify potential sales opportunities and then follow-through on such opportunities.


A mentoring program has been established by Hineni Media  Workshops
was created to train new information brokers. This program is also available and
delivered via e-mail. The program covers many topics including market planning, marketing strategies, pricing and more.

Each program is tailored to an individual's particular interests, strengths and weaknesses on a one-to-one basis through electronic communications, assignments, review of assignments, etc.


Those who take the complete mentoring program will benefit by being taught by someone who has been in the information field for nearly 15 years and who has carved out a successful information brokering businesses during the past 10 years. Learning from a mentor's experience and broad-based knowledge will enhance chances for succeeding more quickly. Your success, is, however, also strongly dependent on your efforts and talents in the development of a small entrepreneurial business.

About the Author:
Mari Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online business, web-based business, information biz and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, contact me and also visit:

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