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May 15, 2010



Hineni Media  Services. Hineni Media owns a series of business consultancies and subdivisions. As a fee-based information service, HM obtains information for others and charges for this service. Marisol combined her education and years of experience with entreprenuership, she started a company that serve a wide variety of clients.

Through our main DR&PL site your'll get specalised information publications that provide ther right information from the right source at the right time in the right format. Hineni Media publishing division acquires, develops, publishes, translates and markets informative content.

Hineni Media provides information services to individuals and organizations of all sizes and types in conjuction with existing staff or by contract. Marisol also as information architecture specialist(IA)is supported by a world-wide network of correspondents and tech writers.


Hineni's consultancy on ePublishing is set up to help bloggers, writers, and publishers commercialize their content on the Internet. My consultancy specialize in online publishing wih a paid content focus. From infopreneurship, online business, web-based business and information based to membership sites.
Hineni in this division provides a wide range of small and web-based business consulting services, research and training services.


This division offers consulting, int'l education. ESL, translation services, Q&A and training to a wide range of individuals, including the Canadian government, non-government agencies, companies, expatriate personnel, and non-profit organizations expanding into the Dominican Republic and Latin America. .


Marisol Diaz trained and used to work as self enrichment teacher.
Marisol is a successful Toronto-based Entrepreneur/Businesswoman. She works as Specialized Information Publisher. She is also the founder and leading editor-in-chief of a portal that specializes in helping foreign workers and trained profesionals settle sooner in Canada with homestays, ESL and employment based visa tips. Marisol Diaz is also a mentor,trainer, public speaker, and community volunteer.

Marisol Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online
business, web-based business, information based and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, contact her through the form or just visit her main site.


Serial Entrepreneur/  Trainer/ Web based Business Consultancy

I create, publish and sell content. Do and teach SEO for the website or blog and I use of eBay or Amazon,café express,, etc, etc to help to sell products. I also teach how to register in Web directories, link exchanges, Google Ad Words, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, conference, videos or rss.

I've work as

Blog Editor/Developer
Membership based website operator
Fee-Based Information Services Specialist
Infoprenuership/Specialized Information Publisher
Business & Careers consultant/facilitator
Self employment coach/ A Freestyle Career

Information Architecture(IA)is the art and science of organizing and labeling web sites, intranets, online communities, and software to support findability and usability. Information architects map out the design for a site so that all information is laid out in a logical and easily navigable hierarchy. Will often create the site map that graphic designers follow to produce the end design.

I also use a bit of Information Design whic is similar to graphic design, but without the “telling lies” part. It draws from illustration, business planning statical maps, worksheets,SEO, Content authoring and journalism, with the goal of communicating complexity clearly without misleading or ‘dumbing down’. Information design, Web architect, Content authoring, specialised information publisher.

I help scholars use words instead of pictures or numbers

  • see my rates, workflow, and terms for details

  • Information design deals with the structuring of information to make the complex clear and includes information architecture.

    - Manager editor/Specialised Information Publisher
    Website Architecture/Online Business Implementation --  immigrant entrepreneur/ business developer/ job listing Publisher - Language Learning Tours Translation Client
    Network Marketing Online Marketing and Advertising Client.
    Web hosting & Design Company Web Content Authoring Client.(ongoing assigment)
    Direct sales and Affiliate Marketer for Trivita a US based company and Regal catalogue
    Social Media Producer. Mostly for web based initiatives using new media technologies and social networking e.g. podcasts, blogs, video blogs (Facebook, Wordpress and Blogger),wikis, RSS feeds.
    Web Based Assistant: Proofreader, editing (Proposals, power points, contracts, marketing material,link building, Project Management, SEO, Web Promotion) and Online Community Administrator

  • Check here to learn about what else does an Information Designer do
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