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July 05, 2010

What Information Designers really do?

What Information Designers really do?

Information Design or ID

Definition: Information designer strives to empower by helping one learn new concepts, make decisions, and achieve goals. Information design is concerned with content, function, clarity, legibility, readability and effectiveness as it is with quality formalism and visual language. It works hand and hands with web architecture which deals with web strategy, interface design and information architecture.

Information design(ID)--in it's simplest form--does not seek to influence the end users emotions. It is a visual language that speaks to the brain, not to the heart.

What information designers really do?.

Information Designers make information accessible and easy to digest, and visualizes information in a way that is engaging to be read, studied and thoughtfully considered. Information design is more about simplification than anything. It comes down to eliminating anything which distracts from the real purpose: passing on content.

•Convert strategy documents and research into actionable briefs, sitemaps, wireframes, flow diagrams, and user journeys.

•Work closely with creative and strategy peers as a critical link in the development process, as a careful translator and liaison.

•Generate professional, clear, and concise documentation.

•Write carefully crafted and red tape cutting emails.

•Create experience.

You can, of course, combine information design with other types of design.

Information design is a great way to combine ones love of art and design, learning(and imparting learning to others) and interest in the human mind(for instance I have seen that cognitive psychology is a component?).

How does someone apply their information design education, skills and techniques? for instance I work as membership manager, so I plan, design, install, configure and maintain technology solutions that support membership website business owner's needs.
I'm in charge of creating, getting and uploading quality information, products and services that they simply can’t get elsewhere.

As Online editor and Infopreneur one of my business's activity is gathering and selling electronic information. My firm acquires, develops, publishes, translates and markets informative content that is part of their information services. Hineni Media also developes, markets, produces, and distributes content. Thus being in the publishing industry.

Information Design's mission:

The mission of information design through web archicteture goes beyond the artifact and attempts to bring order to chaos, to eliminate or vastly reduce waste and inefficiency. The aims are to improve the quality of daily life for people by improving the range of means for visual and verbal communication, the exchange, storage, retrieval and use of pertinent and useful information that has substance, integrity, benefit and consequence.

I'm an Bilingual Information Designer,Info-Preneuer and Facilitator -- it's my job to research, analize, organize, write and publish the information you need. Be up to date on emerging technology and usability research, understand web analytics, best practices and have working knowledge of Search and SEO as I also do the majority of blog and website updates and maintenance. Lucky me I have an online part-time assistant, Wendy, who helps me with membership items on the site.

Hineni Enterprises is the platform to produce and publish informative content.
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