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November 23, 2012

5 best ways to use QR codes in social media

Everywhere I go whether I am walking down the street or walking through a store or even sitting on my butt watching TV, I see these QR codes being used for marketing everywhere. Having experience with the data capture industry, I can tell you that QR codes are powerful and can contain a large amount of information and they are also easy for people to use which is partially why I think they have gained popularity so fast with consumers. All you need is a camera and some software like a free app such as what you can download on any smart phone today. We live in an increasing data driven world and QR codes are even heavily used for asset and inventory tracking within the manufacturing, logistics and healthcare industries and are quickly gaining popularity in other industries, so QR codes are here to stay.

It is a great idea to embrace and adopt QR codes into your marketing strategies 'now' as the use of mobile devices and QR codes gain popularity as it is best not to play 'catch up' when competing with other marketing campaigns and strategies. This way you can spread your content through an increased number of media types for your marketing campaigns and even add creative touch (also think Branding) such as you guys have done with the QR code for Zense giving it a Zen-like look and feel to your brand. I personally like some of the artistic QR codes (you can make via seen on this Mashable article such as with the embedded picture of Palm trees and buildings for the Discover LA Tourism Bureau.



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