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May 13, 2010

Why running a Subcription based Business

If you are devoted to the success in paid content writing you have extraordinary opportunities to create new franchises in cyberspace with:

1. Products to teach you how to do certain things,
2. Products to do things for you,
3. Other products to show you and walk you through certain techniques,
4. And maybe products that are just there to prove to yourself that you can keep growing and keep making more than you spend.

Your first steps are:

Decide what type of product you want to create an online subscription for. Whether you are charging subscribers for premium content, a service or a product, consumers must know exactly what they are getting for the subscription price.

Step 2

Decide how much you will charge for online subscriptions and how your premium content, product or service will be delivered to the consumer once a subscription is purchased.
Step 3

Select a vendor to process your online subscriptions. Services like PayPal and are popular. Read the Terms of Service and all conditions associated with signing up with a particular vendor.
Step 4

Begin marketing your online subscriptions using effective promotional techniques. Require subscribers to read your Terms and Conditions and check a box indicating their agreement before signing up.

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