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May 30, 2010

3 main key to Build a Successful Internet Business

3 main key to Build a Successful Internet Business

There are 3 main keys you need to have in place to enjoy a solid successful Internet business – firstly, send warm leads to your web site. Secondly, get those warm leads in your database, and thirdly, you must strive to turn warm leads into paid customers.

Send leads to your web site

Here are some tips on how you can bring leads straight to you:

•Marketing plan. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to have a marketing plan before you act. Having a marketing plan is a great business strategy because it will help you through the process that you have to go through in order to attract leads to you. The marketing plan can consist of the advertising techniques that you are going to do in order to attract customers to you.
•Free advertising. You can advertise your business for free. There are a lot of opportunities where you can advertise without having to spend a single cent. One thing you can do is networking. Find some of your loyal clients and advertise to them.

Creating and running a database

Here are 3 things you can do that tend to help your ideal potential clients find you and become your subscribers:

1. Write an Article about the most pressing problem your ideal clients have and outline your solutions.

2. Do a free teleseminar on the topic you wrote the article about. Collaborate with people in related industries who already have a relationship with your client base.

3. Create a massively valuable free giveaway that people tell other people about because it’s so valuable.

Turn visitors into paid customers

Avoid using home pages or all-inclusive multipurpose landing pages. Create specific landing pages for every ad and paid search term.

Paid search advertising combined with e-mail marketing is an opportunity to say something meaningful about your business to potential customers.

a retail salesperson wouldn’t sell the same product the same way to different people who walk into his store. Why should a website be so static that it treats all customers the same? It shouldn’t.

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May 24, 2010

Leisure Learning Unlimited: Things I love!

Lifelong learning through Educational Leisure Products

Educational Leisure Products (ELPs) are learning products that
exploit leisure activities and consumer products as a motivating
force. ELPs provide an academic wrapper, in the form of a syllabus or
tutorial, for a product or activity that a 'student' has already
acquired or indulges in.

Example activities include:
Museum visits e.g. SET out for the day Exhibitions, festivals and workshops; Playing on a computer (e.g. animation, music technology)
Example products include:
Lego e.g. Lego Mindstorms; Popular science books as course books... (e.g. Penguin Popsci site); Leisure interest magazines (E.g. New Scientist, Scientific American).

Leisure games: "Real Lives"
Is a game that could be describe as a life simulator, but it is more than that. You can "grow up" and "live" in almost any country in the world. You'll learn about their culture, health issues, history, politics, way of life, and much more. Make choices about school, leisure activities, finances, location, and career.
check at

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Creativity Spirit

we often hear the lament, i wish i was more creative" or the firm statement,
i'm not the least bit creative." unspoken but present is the wish for more creativity, more joy, more playfulness in life.. As adults we have years of trainingand misconceptions to overcome. we don't need a lifetime for that

First, we have to challenge the idea that creativity belongs only to a select few who are somehow blessed by the muses. When you can somehow see creativity as simply the act of taking two unrelated ideas and connecting them to bring something new into the world, then your on the right track.

May 21, 2010

Extra income ideas for new moms and sequencing moms

5 great extra income ideas for stay-at-home moms

If you're a stay-at-home mom, returning to the work force doesn't have to mean getting dressed up in the morning or making a long commute to corporate headquarters.

Here are some profitable work-at-home jobs utilizing skills that moms already use on a regular basis or that can easily fit into a stay-at-home mom's schedule.

Best of all, you can do these jobs from the comfort of your home office and some even in your PJs.

Children's party planner

All you really need is a planning book and a telephone. If you specialize in a certain type of party, like dress-up tea parties or wild animal parties, you'll want to lay in a stock of costumes and makeup for guests to put on.

Daycare Provider/ Home-based preschool

The business can be full-day care, drop-in care, extended care (for parents who may be out-of-town for a period of time), after-school care, or night-time care. A special type of daycare service is one for seniors, rather than children.

Starting a daycare operation in your home can cost from as little as $500 to as much as $5,000, depending upon how much equipment you need to buy and remodelling you need to do to meet licensing laws.

Gift basket Maker

for this business is your endless creativity and imagination.
The gift baskets that people buy, depends on the market that you are going after. Find out what the most popular gift baskets are for your target market.
To give you a rough idea of how wide your options are, here's a short list of popular gift baskets :

New baby
New moms
Pet products
New Year
Valentine's Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Get Well
House warming
Chocolate Lover's
Wine Lover's

Professional organizer/Household Organizer

As a professional organizer, you could earn a starting salary of $35 to $50 per hour or more, giving people ideas to help them get organized, or doing hands-on organizing yourself.

Here are just a few of the types of projects that professional organizers are needed for. Which ones can you imagine yourself doing?

Controlling clutter
Developing filing systems
Space planning
Storage design
Time management
Your organizational skills can help people find what they need and get things done on time without stress

Check, she does an hour on marketing, including attending industry-related conferences and networking events.

Interior Decor/Space Planner:


If you are at all handy with the sewing machine, you can start up your own business sewing for other people. You could offer Professional Affordable sewing/Seamstress/Alterations Service.

The sewing business covers a variety of related fields. You can focus on alterations and garment repair, to sewing custom made clothes, costumes, draperies, curtains and quilts. You can also work on embroideries, knitting and crocheting. Some others concentrate on sewing bridal clothes, while others choose tailoring as their specialty.

Other Sources where you can gather more information about Sewing as a Home Business:

Home Sewing Association
American Sewing Guild
International Machine Collectors' Society,
Professional Association of Custom Clothiers,
The Applique Society,

Learn @

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Blinded by their religious faith

There are none so blind as those who will not see, and the perfect example of this was the Pro-life movement, led by the religious right, descending on Parliment Hill claiming to protect the rights of the unborn and uphold the sanctity of human life.

What about the women and girls with this? Millions of girls are being condemned to a life of inequality and poverty. Women are still victims of discrimination in the workplace. Million girls and women a year still suffer genital mutilation, half a million die during pregnancy (either unwanted or not). Girls and women don't even receive primary or basic school education and having a baby at a young age means women are more likely to miss out on education and slip into poverty.

Human failure to make an equal, more just world has resulted in the most intolerable of situations. To discriminate on the basis of sex and gender is morally indefensible; it is economically, politically and socially unsupportable.

Blind faith or blind indiferences must shield these people from their own moral hypocrisy. Their religious policies and doctrines regarding family planning and birth control are responsible for creating circunstances that continue to cause the unnecesary deaths of millions of women and children in the Thild World.

Over-population, starvation, disease, murder,raped, planned abortions, sex gender preference, cannot be staved off by abstinance and the rhythm method. Rape, abused and incest on girls and teens's abortion would not be necesary if medieval politics were replaced by family counselling, family planning, family protection and responsable birth control.

Support I am a Girl Campaign
I'm a Girl

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May 20, 2010



I hope you are having a happy Spring.
I do believe that working smart is more important than working hard.

Here's the link for the latest (and yes, it's a bit late) newsletter:


Subscribe to our mailing list to be informed about all E-Club activities, including opportunities to interact with successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, teach you how to craft a business plan, how to raise money for a company, and how to make your new company succeed.

There will be an Summer issue coming out next. With any luck it won't be at the tail end of the month and I'll be able to get back on track re: mid-month publication schedule.



Marisol Diaz, Administrator, Hineni 's Paid Content Entreprenuers Club

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Read and Enjoy !

This is Hineni Media's immigrant entreprenuership and Business Development Blog.

This is Hineni Media's Language Blog

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Organization Name: Hineni Media

Address Main Office Contact:

Hineni Media
Suite 27564
3401 Dufferin St.
Toronto, ON M6A 3B8 Canada

Telephone 1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 03331358/647.448.2052

Media Inquiries: For interviews, stats, contacts for women entrepreneurs, email

Sponsorship Inquiries: invitations to attend, speak at, or sponsor your event or organization.

Training Partnerships: I partner with business groups and service providers to bring workshops to ON communities. Click


Get help creating your own exciting  business opportunity in Canada with step-by-step books and  guides. Click below

Business, Jobs & Careers Products 

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You’ll Get Instant Access To High Quality Instant Resources.

Hineni has a library has (paid) subscriptions to online content of a growing collection of electronic journals, table of contents from journals, employment databases,insider tips,courses, videos and e-books. View these from any place inside the library; usually access works without logging in (by IP address), sometimes you need a username-password, which you can get from the service desk. Join Here

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When you join Hineni s Paid Content Business Entreprenuer's Club, you will get:

■ A lifetime membership for a low one-time payment of $23.25 (if you're an Internet user);

■ 25% fast cash bonuses of $10 for each Internet user you sponsor into the Hineni 's Paid Content Entreprenuers Club; $5 for each offline, non-Internet user that you sponsor into the Club.

■ Your own personalized affiliate website and I.D. number;
■ Development tools, downloadable examples of products we've developed, advice and opinions from proven developers, product ideas and suggestions, development tutorials, and much more.
■ Acces to a master copy of a personalized triple-fold promotional brochure to be used offline;
■ A monthly members-only Internet newsletter chock full of freebies, inspiration and Club news;
■ Full access to our growing archives.

■posting any event to market your business on our network.
■A page listing of your products and services Displaying your Logo on our network.
■Review and assessment of your business and how we can help you market your business.
You can choose the monthly membership fee of $23.25 payable by credit card monthy or one annual payment of $279.00.
Posting any promotional event for business is a cost of $25.00 payable by credit card prior to event being posted.
All community events remain free.

-- "Club Classifieds" and "Members' Program Picks" that let you advertise programs and services and share information and opportunities with your fellow Club members through the Club's members-only newsletter ("Knowledge Workers") as well as subscribers to the Hineni's Paid Content Entreprenuers Club 's free newsletter for non-Club members ("Informational Careers Newsletter").

-- Step by step guidance on how to build a stable information based business that provides you with ever-increasing passive, residual income from multiple sources;

-- Access to carefully selected low cost Club-supported programs that let you create residual, passive income for no more than 33-cents to $1 a day.

Some Special Things About The Club:

Hineni's Paid Content Business Entreprenuers Club is unusual in several respects:

--- There's the Club's unusual emphasis on the importance and value of a positive faith or spiritual perspective on life. The Club is open to people of goodwill from any faith or spiritual tradition, as well as people of goodwill who have no religious or spiritual affiliation.

--- We are nuts about FREEBIES! We love freebies, are passionate about freebies and take pride in the quality and quantity of freebies that we offer to our members.

Even non-Club members can get a taste of our fabulous freebies by visiting our Club Blog at: and by subscribing to our RSS.

--- We encourage members to make friends and build lasting social and business relationships of trust, shared interests and respect. Relationships of mutual trust and respect are the true foundation of successful businesses and friendships are very life-enriching.

It is easy and fun to use the Internet to create and maintain relationships with friends, family, business associates and wonderful people around the world. And, you already know how to make friends and be a friend.

"Your wealth is where your friends are." - Plato

--- Another unusual thing is that the Club has two categories of membership: one for Internet users ($23.25 lifetime subscription); and one for people who don't own or don't want to use a computer to promote their informaation based business activities online ($10 a year). Hineni 's Paid Content Entreprenuers Club can be promoted both online and offline and shared with Internet and non-Internet users.

Two Income Tracks for Members

Hineni 's Paid Content Entreprenuers Club provides you with three "tracks" for achieving success with your own low cost information based business. They can be used separately or together, and one can be used to build up to or build upon the others.

The first two tracks are the most popular with Club members and will be the best fit for most people. They can be easily managed by Online entrepreneurs as well as people who don't have or don't wish to use computers in connection with a home-based business ventures.

1. Fast Cash Club Commissions. Introducing others to the Hineni 's Paid Content Entreprenuers Club and making $10 fast cash bonuses (paid daily via Paypal or every two weeks via Canada Post) for every new Internet user member that you sponsor into the Club.

You will receive a $5 bonus for every offline, non-computer user member that you sponsor into the Club. You could easily earn a lot more than $1 a day with this track alone. This is an excellent way to make money quickly and enjoy financial "fuel injections" while you are building steady and growing profits in one or more of the the other tracks.

2. The "No Money Down Money-Making On the Internet" track features free-to-join programs that let you start making money easily and immediately without having to recruit. The "get paid to (GPT) complete tasks" industry is thriving and the Club provides expert guidance on the best opportunites in this little known income arena.

This track does require consistent effort and a significant time commitment. It is ideal for people who don't have demanding full-time day jobs and/or are home-based due to retirement, parental responsibilities, physical limitations, health challenges or personal choice. You won't get rich quick with this track, but you can earn some very helpful supplementary income ($100-$500 or more a month).

Don't forget--as a Club member, you are eligible to receive "administratively assigned" business partners and assistance in getting downline members (as signups permit and on a first come, first served basis).

This is a great track for people who love working with people, making friends and networking. It is not a get-rich-quick system, but it is a way of working with others to create financial security and freedom over the long term.

Contact here

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Welcome to my weblog Hineni, mostly about entrepreneurship,specialized information publishing and diversity consultancy. Established in April of 2008 in Toronto, Canada; Hineni's consultancy is set up to help bloggers, writers, and publishers commercialize their content on the Internet.

Specializing in online publishing wih a paid content focus. Hineni Media also provides a wide range of small and web-based business consulting services, research and training services.

We offer the business consulting services division to assist you to start up and/or expand your business, and/or to improve your organization’s effectiveness and productivity. (See Consulting for complete details.)

Planning – strategic, operational and business plans.
Research services – market research, questionnaires, focus groups, feasibility / needs assessments, readership studies, employee morale / satisfaction surveys, and program / project evaluations.
Internet and technology services – e-Learning, online testing, and blog development.
Career Transitions Services.
career counselling, and career guidance & advice;job search coaching and action plan development; resume & cover letter writing.
Funding services – finding money and preparing grant applications and funding proposals for businesses, associations and non-profit groups.

Marisol has extensive business experience in a variety of industries including cross cultural, communications, international business, the non profit sector, and hospitality and travel.

Marisol has designed and facilitated strategy sessions, executive retreats, business team building simulations, and workshops for executives, managers and professionals in 11 countries.

  • see my rates, workflow, and terms for details

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    4 Keys to the Millionaire's Club

    4 Keys to the Millionaire's Club

    by Susan Wilson Solovic

    Here is a brief outline of the four strategic keys to growth that I explore at length in "The Girls' Guide to Building a Million-Dollar Business." The key areas for growing your business are:

    1. MISSION: Creating the mission and vision of your company.

    2. MANAGEMENT: Developing a scalable business model with the right team.

    3. MARKETING: Creating unique marketing strategies.

    4. MONEY: Obtaining the necessary funding.

    Transitioning your business from a startup to a growing enterprise requires the development of more sophisticated operating procedures. As the owner of a startup, you are a hands-on operator. You make the sales calls, fulfill the contracts, send out invoices, make collection calls, answer the phone, and empty the wastebaskets. You are the business. Entrepreneurs thrive on juggling a lot of balls in the air -- it's exciting. They enjoy having total control over every aspect of the business so they can do it exactly the way they want to do it.

    A growing organization can't "manage by the seat of its pants." As you build your million-dollar business, your organization needs to develop an infrastructure with formal policies, procedures, and processes. I'm not suggesting you create an inflexible corporate bureaucracy, but you need to make sure you have some structure in place so your business won't become a house of cards.

    1) Define The Vision Of Your Company

    A vision statement is sometimes referred to as a picture of your company in the future but it's really so much more than that. Your vision statement is your dream -- your inspiration, the framework for all your strategic planning.

    To create the vision for your business, step away from and take a fresh look at your company. What's happening in the world today? What are the market trends? This is your chance to gaze into your crystal ball and see into the future. Imagine there aren't any constraints such as money, people or resources. What direction would you take? What will your business look like? The vision is all about what it is you are going to do -- not how you are going to do it. It's not about the execution.

    Don't rob yourself of the time you need to create your vision. Once you have defined your vision, your next challenge as a leader is to articulate your vision to your team and get them to embrace it, as well. Everyone within your organization needs to understand where the company is heading and how he or she can help.

    2) Develop The Right Team

    One of the most difficult transitions for growing business is morphing from a fledging startup to a more established, mature organization. Many entrepreneurs who want to grow their firms stumble because they can't adjust their business operations appropriately. I liken it to going through puberty. It can be awkward, confusing, and frustrating, but it's part of growing up.

    One of the biggest areas of change comes in the management of the company. Processes, policies, and procedures must be implemented to ensure success. You may need to make personnel adjustments. One of the first changes that you, as the CEO, need to make is to let go so you can work on the business, not in the business.

    ~ Let Go to Grow ~

    If you are like most entrepreneurs, you think no one in your organization can do the job as well as you can. If you micromanage, you get bogged down in too many minutiae to execute the strategic vision you have crafted. Your time gets eaten away. The business is driving you, instead of you driving your business. You should put together a crackerjack team of individuals and let them do their thing. Get out of their way. It's time to let go and learn to work on your business, not in the business.

    In many respects, delegation is one of the most critical skills you need to achieve personal and professional success as an entrepreneur. There is, however, more to delegation then assigning projects and tasks. It's important to be able to wisely choose which responsibilities to delegate. Take a look at your current workflow and decide what responsibilities to give and which to retain. Sometimes an outside consultant or executive coach can help you make your selections, because they can see things more objectively.

    3) Implement Key Marketing Strategies

    Nothing happens until you sell something. So it should go without saying that every business needs a marketing plan. There are great resources that can help you draft a solid marketing plan. Check some of the resources listed in Chapter 10 of this book.

    Did you know the average American mentions specific brands fifty-six times a week in conversation, according to market researcher Keller Fay Group? Your mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to make sure one of those brands is yours. In order to develop your company's brand, go back to your vision, mission, and value statements. These should be the foundation of your marketing plan, because they state where you are headed, what your core business is, and what value you deliver to your customers and employees.

    Then take a long hard look at your current branding. Does it project the image you want for your business? Your brand should be designed to create the buzz that will get your business noticed. A well-crafted brand often becomes synonymous with the product or service offering. Think Starbucks -- and you think high-end, quality coffee drinks. Think Midas, and you automatically think mufflers. Kleenex is the term often used for a facial tissue.

    Your brand is more than your logo, business card, and letterhead. It penetrates every aspect of your company, from your office location, to how your phone is answered, to how you present yourself, to the final delivery of your product or service. You can spend thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign touting your customer service, but consistently rude employees will defeat your efforts. Everywhere you go, everything you do, and everything your employees do, says something about your company and its brand.

    ~ Cultivate and Connect with Customers and Clients ~

    It's easier and less costly to keep an existing client than it is to get a new one. Million-dollar women business owners know about 80 percent of their business comes from 20 percent of their customers. So cultivating and connecting with customers and clients to build a loyal customer base is imperative for a growing business.

    Develop true relationships with your customers. Know more about them than just their name and title. Learn about their families and their personal interests. Beth Bronfman, managing partner of Leiberman Bronfman Lubalin, a New York-based, full service advertising agency, believes that you must make your client your partner and always maintain a trusting relationship.

    ~ Enjoy the Rewards of Networking ~

    A strong network is one of the most valuable assets you can have for your business success. A strong network can help you open doors to new business opportunities, find dynamite employees, identify professional resources, and provide advice and assistance. I regularly receive e-mails from people in my network looking for a resource or requesting assistance in finding a new employee. We know from research that women owners of million-dollar firms are well-networked. The Center for Women's Business Research shows that these women are more likely to be members of professional groups or associations than other women business owners.

    Keep in mind, the best and easiest way to acquire new customers is by word of mouth. Networking can help you create an army of unpaid marketers for your firm.

    4) Fund Your Business Growth

    Financial risk is a reality of being in business. Women who own the larger, faster-growing businesses are willing to take substantial or above-average financial risks to ensure the success of their businesses, according to research from the Center for Women's Business Research.

    In addition to being comfortable with financial risk, women-owned businesses that reach the million-dollar threshold also apply sophisticated management practices on a regular basis, especially the use of financial reports to manage cash flow and expenses. If you aren't educated in certain aspects of management -- get the education you need. A willingness to learn must accompany your willingness to grow.

    As you grow your business, it's easy to undervalue your product or service because you are anxious to get the business. Pricing at fair market value is critical if you want to look credible. Don't be fooled by assuming the business will always go to the lowest bidder. In fact, if you establish your firm as a quality, value-added provider, you shouldn't have to sell based on price alone.

    Finally, if you are seeking financing for your business growth, an in-depth knowledge of your financial statements is critical. Potential financiers expect you to be able to provide an overview of your company's financials and defend your growth assumptions. This isn't something you can hand off to your bookkeeper or accountant. As the CEO, you are expected to be fully aware of the financial health of your firm.

    Every business needs money to grow. But the question becomes, where are you going to get the money you need? The answer is: It depends. Funding for business growth comes from a variety of sources. Which ones you select depends on your level of comfort, and many women are not comfortable with finding funding.

    Most women-owned firms start off funding their businesses with personal assets, credit card debt, or loans from friends and family. Typically, start-up capital is about $5,000 to $10,000.

    According to research from the Center for Women's Business Research, women business owners' use of capital -- both credit and equity -- lags behind men. Women business owners are more likely than men business owners to use personal funds or business income to fuel growth. Nearly 60 percent of NAWBO members (National Association of Women Business Owners) list business earnings as a preferred source of capital. Using personal funds or business earnings for growth is okay as long as you choose those methods based on an overview of your available options. But selecting that route because of an unfamiliarity of financing options isn't good. You owe it to yourself, your business and your employees to explore what is available.

    If you get turned down, don't give up. Sometimes you must hear a lot of no's to get to a yes.

    Whatever type of financing you are seeking, in most cases it's not going to be fast or easy. The best advice I can give is this: Be patient, Be prepared, and Be persistent.

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    May 18, 2010

    Learn. Rank. Dominate.

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    Own and run a Content solution busines that atracts,inform, retains and entertains
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    Over 100 training courses, covering topics like:

    keyword research, link building, site architecture, website monetization, pay per click ads, tracking results, and more.
    Start up, business planning, marketing, promotion,finantial scope
    An exclusive interactive community forum
    Members only videos and tools
    Additional bonuses - like data spreadsheets, and money saving tips
    Make a career selling information
    Learn to monetize digital content
    Every order comes risk free, and with the best selling SEO Book as a free bonus

    We Love Our Customers
    But more importantly, ....

    Our Customers Love Us
    Content+Tools + Services

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    Work From Home Coach

    500 lucky families wanted....

    Would your family turn down extra income?

    I didn't think so.

    I'm posting this because I bet my friend I could help 500 families make money on the Internet to 1) pay off their bills, 2) start saving, and 3) maybe even quit their jobs eventually.

    Unfortunately, I'm already down to 36 spots. Sorry.

    You interested? Let me show you how it works
    Web Start ups

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    May 15, 2010



    Hineni Media  Services. Hineni Media owns a series of business consultancies and subdivisions. As a fee-based information service, HM obtains information for others and charges for this service. Marisol combined her education and years of experience with entreprenuership, she started a company that serve a wide variety of clients.

    Through our main DR&PL site your'll get specalised information publications that provide ther right information from the right source at the right time in the right format. Hineni Media publishing division acquires, develops, publishes, translates and markets informative content.

    Hineni Media provides information services to individuals and organizations of all sizes and types in conjuction with existing staff or by contract. Marisol also as information architecture specialist(IA)is supported by a world-wide network of correspondents and tech writers.


    Hineni's consultancy on ePublishing is set up to help bloggers, writers, and publishers commercialize their content on the Internet. My consultancy specialize in online publishing wih a paid content focus. From infopreneurship, online business, web-based business and information based to membership sites.
    Hineni in this division provides a wide range of small and web-based business consulting services, research and training services.


    This division offers consulting, int'l education. ESL, translation services, Q&A and training to a wide range of individuals, including the Canadian government, non-government agencies, companies, expatriate personnel, and non-profit organizations expanding into the Dominican Republic and Latin America. .


    Marisol Diaz trained and used to work as self enrichment teacher.
    Marisol is a successful Toronto-based Entrepreneur/Businesswoman. She works as Specialized Information Publisher. She is also the founder and leading editor-in-chief of a portal that specializes in helping foreign workers and trained profesionals settle sooner in Canada with homestays, ESL and employment based visa tips. Marisol Diaz is also a mentor,trainer, public speaker, and community volunteer.

    Marisol Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online
    business, web-based business, information based and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, contact her through the form or just visit her main site.


    Serial Entrepreneur/  Trainer/ Web based Business Consultancy

    I create, publish and sell content. Do and teach SEO for the website or blog and I use of eBay or Amazon,café express,, etc, etc to help to sell products. I also teach how to register in Web directories, link exchanges, Google Ad Words, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, conference, videos or rss.

    I've work as

    Blog Editor/Developer
    Membership based website operator
    Fee-Based Information Services Specialist
    Infoprenuership/Specialized Information Publisher
    Business & Careers consultant/facilitator
    Self employment coach/ A Freestyle Career

    Information Architecture(IA)is the art and science of organizing and labeling web sites, intranets, online communities, and software to support findability and usability. Information architects map out the design for a site so that all information is laid out in a logical and easily navigable hierarchy. Will often create the site map that graphic designers follow to produce the end design.

    I also use a bit of Information Design whic is similar to graphic design, but without the “telling lies” part. It draws from illustration, business planning statical maps, worksheets,SEO, Content authoring and journalism, with the goal of communicating complexity clearly without misleading or ‘dumbing down’. Information design, Web architect, Content authoring, specialised information publisher.

    I help scholars use words instead of pictures or numbers

  • see my rates, workflow, and terms for details

  • Information design deals with the structuring of information to make the complex clear and includes information architecture.

    - Manager editor/Specialised Information Publisher
    Website Architecture/Online Business Implementation --  immigrant entrepreneur/ business developer/ job listing Publisher - Language Learning Tours Translation Client
    Network Marketing Online Marketing and Advertising Client.
    Web hosting & Design Company Web Content Authoring Client.(ongoing assigment)
    Direct sales and Affiliate Marketer for Trivita a US based company and Regal catalogue
    Social Media Producer. Mostly for web based initiatives using new media technologies and social networking e.g. podcasts, blogs, video blogs (Facebook, Wordpress and Blogger),wikis, RSS feeds.
    Web Based Assistant: Proofreader, editing (Proposals, power points, contracts, marketing material,link building, Project Management, SEO, Web Promotion) and Online Community Administrator

  • Check here to learn about what else does an Information Designer do
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    May 13, 2010

    Why running a Subcription based Business

    If you are devoted to the success in paid content writing you have extraordinary opportunities to create new franchises in cyberspace with:

    1. Products to teach you how to do certain things,
    2. Products to do things for you,
    3. Other products to show you and walk you through certain techniques,
    4. And maybe products that are just there to prove to yourself that you can keep growing and keep making more than you spend.

    Your first steps are:

    Decide what type of product you want to create an online subscription for. Whether you are charging subscribers for premium content, a service or a product, consumers must know exactly what they are getting for the subscription price.

    Step 2

    Decide how much you will charge for online subscriptions and how your premium content, product or service will be delivered to the consumer once a subscription is purchased.
    Step 3

    Select a vendor to process your online subscriptions. Services like PayPal and are popular. Read the Terms of Service and all conditions associated with signing up with a particular vendor.
    Step 4

    Begin marketing your online subscriptions using effective promotional techniques. Require subscribers to read your Terms and Conditions and check a box indicating their agreement before signing up.

    Hineni Media's mission is to offer consumers new forms of entertainment and programming, and to give entrepreneurs interested in make money from content a sophisticated and supportive environment in which to create and grow their ventures." is designed for you today's Infoprepreneur! Success, Motivation and Inspiration is what you will find in Infopreneur Institute!

    Your Membership will consist of a tremendously Library from the works of Mary Diaz and many other very successful entrepreneurs. You will have access to privately archived Articles, DVDs, and so much more....

    Please check out the Home Study Course that goes along with this site!


    May 12, 2010

    The book "Created Equal" Voices on Women's Rights (Paperback)

    I would agree with Dorothy Allred Solomon's opinion:

    "Created Equal, combines facts, anecdotes, and voices from far-flung places, ethnic origins, and social strata to pierce our hearts and call us to account. Every person who claims to be a citizen of the world, a global citizen must read this book. Every person who claims a conscience will be compelled to act on what they learn."

    The book "Created Equal" for sell in Amazon is a frank and clear-sighted introduction to the current state of women’s rights globally. Millions of women throughout the world suffer from violence, poverty and denial of their human rights because of their gender. By exploring their stories, and hearing the views of both advocates for and opponenets of women’s rights, Anna Horsbrugh-Porter reveals the real human costs of the violation of these rights. Among the issues covered in this book are:


    -violence against women,

    -birth control rights,

    -education, career and job advancement



    Let spread the word,read the book. Educating ourselves as women and others in the community we also stop gender inequality in the world. Women continue to put in long hours of unpaid work into the reproductive economy regardless of their role in the productive economy.

    Gender is a key organising principle in the distribution of labour, property and other valued resources in society. Unequal gender relationships are sustained and legitimised through ideas of difference and inequality that express widely held beliefs and values about the ‘nature’ of masculinity and femininity. Such forms of power do not have to be actively exercised to be effective. They also operate silently and implicitly through compliance with male authority both in the home and outside it.

    While institutionalised norms, beliefs, customs and practices help to explain the distribution of gender resources and responsibilities in different social groups, they are clearly not unalterable.

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    May 09, 2010

    Online Q & A Services

    Online Entreprenuership Mentor
    How does Hineni Media Answer-providing services add value to my business?

    Sometimes all it takes to significantly impact a business is a conversation with someone who knows. As a business owner or Entrepreneur, one has to juggle with so many things, wear different hats, and while doing so one can easily miss the woods from the trees. A conversation with a seasoned Mentor, will help clarify one's thoughts, get suggestions, tips, advice, and connections which could have a big impact to the way one runs a business. Hineni Media Q & A Services provides you with access to live consultancy, library and collection of solutions, from across the world, from across industry segments, and functional expertise, so expertise comes to you easily on a click of a button. By conversing with a mentor you could discuss business issues, seek business contacts, get best practices specific to you, explore opportunities and get experts to think about your business. These conversations can add tremendous value to one's business.

    Hineni Media Q & A Services, is owned by a trained and award winning professional who have chosen a career of helping women and SOHO. My consultancy offer knowledgeable advice and guidance for all your Cross cultural and business needs. Hineni Media can recommend the right solution just for you. Answer-providing services.

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    May 07, 2010

    Don’t Tell Anyone How Much Money You Make.

    The amount of money one makes each year has really become much more than a figure showing the amount of purchasing power you have each year. Instead it has become a manner for men to keep score in life with each other, as well as a source of jealousy and irrational dislike because someone else makes more money than someone else.

    A lot of financial writers online are more than happy to tell you what their financial status is, how much they make each year, what they do with their money, and what their goals are. Some people even post their monthly budget on the web for all to see. After much contemplation, I’ve realized that this probably isn’t the best thing to do. You won’t be hearing any intimate details of my financial life. It’s really not anyone else’s business except for God and my fiancée. Here are the many reasons why I keep quiet about my income and my financial life.

    If I made substantially more than my room-mate or other friends, they would probably become jealous of my salary. They might be well intentioned good people, but over time they would more than likely become jealous and over time resentful. They’re not bad people, but money just has a way of effecting people.

    If I made substantially less than any of my friends, they would probably naturally feel superior to me. If I made less than them, they would figure that they are worth a lot more than me and work a lot harder than me. If this were to happen I would have the privilege of dealing with a superiority complex.

    If they have the superiority complex, they might begin to pity you and treat you like a charity case. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because who doesn’t like receiving free stuff, but there’s also the matter of pride. My local pastor and I go out to eat every now and then and he always pays, because he feels that he’s farther on in life and has the money to spare, whereas I am a young adult who is starting out in life. I don’t have a problem with this at all. It all depends on the character of the person you are dealing with, but it’s probably best to just avoid the opportunity for this to happen all together.

    If you are out in public with your friends, you will have to have extra justification for your frugal spending habits. You can’t just say, that the money is not there, because if they know what you make, they’ll start saying things like “I know you’ve got the money” when it comes to eating out and making purchases.
    There are just too many opportunities for character issues to come out when it comes to revealing your salary. I suggest that you do as I do and keep it quiet.


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    Online Portafolio

    A polished resume and portafolio are advertising and marketing tools and they can land you in your next job search.

    A sterling digital presence is important as employers will likely check up on you online so here are some tips on building a digital reputation.

    1. Use a plafform or all possible online platforms such as:


    Create employer-friendly profiles:
    Make sure the informacion you post about yourself on such sites showcases your expertise, dedicated field, and ability to communicate effectivaly.
    place last your personal interest and hobbies.

    Optimize for an impact:

    Help recruiter find you online by integrating key words that describe your skills, specialities and positions of interest into your profile.

    Design for an Impact:
    Create the look with an unified or similar look so that with your online resume, business card and online presence matches.

    Keep private things private:

    Use privacy settings effectively. Don't publish comments or information that can be used agaisnt you.

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    May 05, 2010

    Succesful Business Ideas From Home

    Succesful Business Ideas From Home
    Succesful business ideas are all around you. All you have to do is hunt down the good ones. Easier said then done?

    Not really!

    I have run and operated one person businesses since I was a kid. A total of 30+ years and many different businesses. Some flopped, but most make me money.

    Here is my list:

    Web Development
    Information Archicteture
    Research Assistant & Editor
    Legal Research & Immigration
    Non Profit & Missions
    Cross Cultural Services
    Overseas worker:
    Religious worker
    Camp Counsellor
    Advice Columnist/ Internet Archivist
    Arts & Crafts Specialty Instructor
    Sales Representative
    Life Enrichment/Entreprenuership Trainer
    Resume writer
    Speaker/Seminarist/Workshop Facilitator

    Even from the ones that flopped I learned something. In fact I learned more from the failures then the winners. Here are the 3 things I learned that you need to cover before starting a new business to make sure it has a chance to be a profitable home business.

    1. It should not cost you more then a few dollars to start the business. No more then $50 to $100 bucks. That way if you fail (which you will sometimes) you have lost a small investment and not wiped out your entire bankroll.

    2. It should be a business that can be started small but has room to grow. That way you will find out quickly if it is the right business for you without investing a lot of time.

    3. You should be able to control the materials or inventory needed for the business. By that I mean either you produce the needed inventory or you have many suppliers available for the materials or inventory. That way you will not lose your business, after building it up, to the problem of no suppliers.

    A few examples of businesses that meet all of the above are “Paper and Ink products”, “internet businesses” or hobby or crafts businesses.

    You have to have the patience for having your own business since it is a long term process. Another profitable business idea that you have to consider is compatibility of the business you want to pursue. You need to have a business that you feel comfortable selling it on the market. When you know your products too well, marketing your products becomes easy.

    College degree nor school diploma is not needed in order to attain success. You only have to know different Succesful and profitable business ideas that will help you earn money online.


    To find out exactly what businesses fall within these guidelines just go and subscribe to Succesful Business Ideas Templates on

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    How to pick the best home business idea for your personality

    First don't believe that every business idea site that you find on the internet promising overnight wealth, vast riches, blah, blah, blah is true. There is NO business opportunity out there (no, not even one) that can or will deliver on this promise. Just like anything else worthwhile, creating an online business takes time, effort, and lots of patience. Yes, you will see results (sometimes right away), but building a real, full time income takes time!

    You can start your online busines in a few minutes, but realistically, expect to spend time customizing your logo, background, and adding your own special touches to your stores. And, be prepared to invest time in determining your categories, choosing products, writing descriptions, and setting everything up. After that, your time will be spent promoting your sites, and of course, regularly updating your stores!

    Many people start businesses expecting instantaneous results, only to quickly become disillusioned when they don’t instantly make thousands of dollars. As a result, they give up…and two weeks later, they’re chasing another “opportunity.” Don’t be one of those people!

    Now, go get busy! You have a business to start!
    Succesful & Profitable Virtual Business Ideas

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    E-BUSINESS and E-commerce what's the difference? ( part I)

    E-BUSINESS is about how organizations are using Internet technologies to fundamentally change the way they do business:

    How companies use the Internet to run themselves more efficiently.
    How companies use the Internet to interact with others (suppliers, customers, and partners) more efficiently.
    E-business does not consist of simply creating a corporate website; rather e-business involves using the Internet to:

    Attract, retain, and satisfy customers buying your company's products and services.
    Streamline your supply chain, manufacturing, and procurement systems to deliver the right products and services to customers more efficiently.

    Automate your corporate business processes to reduce cost and improve efficiencies through self-service.
    Capture, analyze, and share business intelligence about your customers and your company's operations to make better business decisions.

    Further, e-business is not about any one of these things; e-business is about integrating all of these aspects of an organization so that every organization can expand its market opportunities, streamline its corporate business processes, and attract and retain customers.

    Expand markets: The Internet offers companies the ability to conduct their existing business using a fundamentally new business model, to expand globally, and to enter completely new markets.
    Improve efficiencies: The Internet has eliminated traditional market entry barriers and created efficient markets where prices can be easily compared. Faced with the resulting increase in competitive and margin pressure, e-businesses must leverage Internet technologies to streamline business processes and integrate their suppliers and partners to deliver products and services more efficiently to customers.

    Retain Customers: Every e-business has a direct relationship with its customers and can differentiate itself by offering personalized products and distinctive customer service.

    Since Internet customers are only a click away from switching, e-businesses that manage customer relationships distinctively have a significant competitive advantage.

    The difference

    E-commerce is one specific aspect of an e-business focused on either buying or selling products or services over the Internet. E-commerce is typically divided into two parts:

    Sell-Side: focused specifically on selling products and services over the Internet typically through an electronic storefront or website.

    Buy-Side: focused specifically on consolidating purchasing for manufacturing components and MRO (Maintenance, Repairs & Operations) products over the Internet typically by using a Web-based supply chain and delivery solution.

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    Own Things You Don’t Use? Rent Them to Others with Rentalic

    Own Things You Don’t Use? Rent Them to Others with Rentalic
    Author: Mark Alvarez

    Some people have a lot of stuff. Others don’t.
    Rentalic gives each side the chance to profit from this, enabling people to rent their possessions or services to others.

    Users can also request things that they need to use for a limited time. For example, right now a San Francisco user is trying to find a scanner to digitize bank statements and tax records, while a Los Angeles user is looking for a soldering iron they can rent on a daily or weekly basis.

    Renters pay via PayPal and meet the owners to get the items.

    Advantages of the service are that it reduces consumption – so it gets the green push – it also raises the value of possessions for owners and allows renters to find inexpensive items.

    There are some big barriers to adoption, like trusting strangers with your possessions. As with most sites, Rentalic uses a reputation-based system to rate lenders and borrowers. Items are not insured, which can be prohibitive for some lenders. A security deposit can be placed upon items, though.

    The selling point is that Rentalic is green, but what could cause the service to be big is that possessions are unevenly distributed, and a lot of spending (and manufacturing) power is wasted on one-off purchases. People buy tools they use for only one job or equipment for hobbies they never pursue. There is a potential mass economy in exchanging these items.

    Last month, Rentalic won the PayPal X Developer Challenge at last month’s DEMO. It is currently in public beta.

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