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June 29, 2009

Being a CEO of my own business

Being an entrepreneur I realized that I just couldn’t continue to be in a position in which people needed me to be in a particular place at a particular time,” “It wasn’t about not working;
it was about needing a great deal of flexibility.”

I regularly writes e-zine articles and trying to establishing myself as an effective article writer for a diverse range of websites. Relatively new to commercial writing, I hope to build up my portfolio over time. A self-proclaimed tech wizard, I maintain my website as well as shoots and edits my own video tips, created as personal advice for my followers. “Since many of my clients live all over the country, I don't get to meet them in person. [The video spots] are a great way
for me to connect with people,” notes Diaz, who also offers a subscription
to her employment source listing at

Diaz, a mother of a three young kids to whom she teaches French, still offers one-on-one, as
well as group coaching, available through her website. She also provides personal mompreneur
advice on this own blog . When asked how she managers her time, she replies:”What I
learned about balancing time is that we can’t balance time. Especially when you’re the
parent of a young child, you need to learn how to be flexible.

I structure my work day around things I can do with my kids around, like answering emails and writing, and things I can do when I have child care.” Diaz believes that all successful
business owners must take control of their finances right off the bat. “On my site I
offer tips which is like a free print. Every week, set aside a predetermined time to sit down with your finances. Take a good, hard look at what’s going on with your business, whether it’s
sales, employees or marketing. Be the CEO of your own business,” .

I began focusing her work on the micro small business owners (defined as businesses
with 1 to 9 employees) and mompreneurs. “I teach people how to turn their fun hobby into
a real business that makes money,”

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Cultural Liaison Workers Club & Women’s Club

As an entrepreneur, I agree that the power of intention and taking action on that intention is the key to your success. In this economy, part of my direct sales business from writing content is thriving and exploding because I can offer the opportunity to other people out there who are experiencing the negative effects of the recession such as downsizing and layoffs.

Why I launched

I launched the Cultural Liaison Workers & Women’s Club to foster financial freedom in highly motivated women. I do this by educating ourselves, realizing our personal goals, and serving others on the local, national and global level. in the club we cultivate our unique strengths as women to trust our intuition, develop quality relationships and sustain work/life balance.

We invite any women wanting to affect change in the world and within her self, to join us.
Mission Statement. Bold women making a difference in the world by promoting a legacy of prosperity. The Cultural Liaison Workers & Women’s Club was formed to foster financial freedom in highly motivated women through charity and education, aligning values with goals and serving others on the local, national and global.

The North York group meets every third Thursday of the month at the Barbara Frum Library or TBO locations . Meetings start at 715am and end at 830am. Contact Eunice Shows at for additional meeting information.

Who Can Join.
The Cultural Liaison Workers Club & Women’s Club is open to all women who have big ambitions. We are looking for motivated woman who are seeking positive change within themselves and looking to make a difference in the world with the support of other proactive woman.

You do not need to be a financial millionaire to join HM millionaire club. You should want to aspire to be a millionaire spirtually, emotionally and financially!

What Area Membership Benefits & Criteria.

The club seeks a diverse group of women, with regards to race, age, backgrounds and industries, who are pro-active about their destiny and possess a strong commitment to advancing and supporting women. By participating, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • 6 Breakfasts
  • 3 Socials 10% of membership fee applied toward charity
  • Notability Website, blog, resources Community involvement with publicity
  • Support/mentoring
  • Receive HWC newsletter
  • First priority invitation to attend Special Speaker events
  • Opportunity to meet and hear a unique guest speaker each month
  • Foster financial freedom
  • Leadership development
  • Personal development
  • Education
  • Teamwork
  • Success building Safe place to dream
  • Opportunity for world travel
  • Ability to invite 1 guest per meeting for additional $15 fee (each guest may attend only 2 meetings per year)
  • Partnership with local, national and global entities
  • Opportunity to grow with an exclusive group of women Criteria:
    12 months of membership and activity within organization. +21 age (exceptions approved by the board) $150 annual membership dues Complete application in full and participate in any additional pre-screening processes Volunteer time commitment of at least six (6) hours per year Members must understand HM is not a business networking organization 80% attendance of regular meetings and arriving on time for each Attendance at key events Participation in meetings Attendance of at least one special event or social Tolerance for a diversity of opinions and communication styles

How Do I Obtain A Membership Application.
ask for PDF File on Contact page.

Are There Any Dues Required.
Yes, there are annual dues of $150. Annual Dues go to $200 in 2010.

Where Do I Submit My Application.
Please submit applications in their entirety to Marisol Diaz at Mail check to Hineni Media c/o Marisol Diaz, 3401 Dufferin St Box 27564Toronto, On M6A 3B8.

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Find work or start your own enterprise

You’re educated, intelligent and highly skilled in your profession. Your kids are in school during the day or maybe they’ve left for college, and you’d like to take on some part-time work, bring in a little extra income. Finding the kind of work that’s right for you in today’s market isn’t always easy, whether you’re a man or a woman.

Bringing together companies, who need employees with local or international folks, who are only looking to work is what Hineni Media Listing info is all about. It is the brain-child of entrepreneur Marisol Diaz. “It really is a win-win situation for both candidates and clients,” .

Companies typically can get a much higher quality of talent from our listing than they might be able to get elsewhere. We are constantly hearing from our clients that our candidates are dedicated and reliable.” According to O’Kelly, her candidates know they have accurate information which motivates them to contact those companies. What our clients also love is that they can access any time and database is always update.

she says. Hineni Media listings offers a variety of positions from companies large and small. The clientele includes children hospital easter ontario, RPM technologies to Telus corporation. To look for work, log onto Hineni Media Member website and subscribe. You can search through a database of hundreds of jobs listed by state, industry and/or keywords. You also have an opportunity to check for resource to improve your resume. There’s even a resume writing service. “Even if your particular area isn’t listed, sign up anyway, because we are constantly updating our job listing database,” Diaz recommends.

Hineni Media is rapidly expanding, and Diaz is offering the entrepreneurial-minded an opportunity to opt in on a franchise. “We will take you through a thorough training process to learn about the company, brand and pitch. What’s nice is that we handle all of the back-end clerical work, including billing clients and paying candidates,” she says. Diaz feels it’s important for her franchisees to stay focused on building the business. This would include networking tactics like joining your local chamber of commerce, speaking at various churches and synagogues, and doing lots of emailing. “This is that rare and unique opportunity to own your own business with the full support of an already established and successful parent company,” she states.

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June 16, 2009

Free content Vs Paid content

Free vs. Paid Information

After the Web being in our consciousness for over a decade now we’ve fallen into several bad habits. The one I am going to talk about today is the habit of thinking that you can get any information you seek for free online and that that free info is correct, legit and reliable.

You most certainly can find valuable and trustworthy information online. But you will spend a vast amount of your time vetting out sources, visiting crummy sites and reading commentary by those who really don’t even know how to write succinctly enough to validate their writings, let alone give the impression that the information they provide is true and accurate.

Do not hesitate to pay for information. Whether they be special reports, white papers, site access or even newsletters.By paying for information from your trusted few it saves the time of having to seek out, find and read numerous Web sites filled with information that may not be accurate or reputable. Time is money after all.

Not everything that is free has true value….

I tend to side on the pay for information side of the street. By doing so I get quality knowledge when I need it from trusted sources who stake their reputation on the information they provide. You get what you pay for.

we put our valuable intelligence to work for you!

At your service,

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