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April 01, 2009

Work-Life: Stop Overdoing Your Strengths

As a women among the many things the average work at home mom and professional deals with daily: getting ahead at work; helping the kids with their homework; driving the school carpool; spending quality time with their significant other; caring for elderly parents; dealing with chores in the home; trying to get in just a few minutes to catch up with friends.

Life can feel like a constant battle between our professional and personal lives, especially now, with the economic distress making our lives more challenging than ever in so many ways. Before you beat yourself up about not being able to get everything done, consider these tips for achieving a better balance between your work and the rest of your life this year.

Here some steps

First, prioritize
. "If you want balance -- and not everybody does -- you have to force yourself to edit yourself personally and professionally".

Second talk to your supervisor or mentor aboutWork/life initiatives or programs that can help you with:

  • on-site childcare,
  • emergency childcare assistance,
  • seasonal childcare programs (such as March break or any important holidays),
  • eldercare initiatives (may range from referral program,
  • eldercare assessment, case management,
  • A list of local organizations or businesses that can help with information or products, or seminars and support groups),
  • referral program to care services, local organizations, etc.,
  • flexible working arrangements,
  • parental leave for adoptive parents,
  • family leave policies,
  • other leaves of absence policies such as educational leave, community service leaves,
  • self funded leave or sabbaticals,employee assistance programs,on-site seminars and workshops (on such topics as stress, nutrition, smoking, communication etc),internal and/or external educational or training opportunities,
  • or fitness facilities, or fitness membership assistance (financial).

3. Consider the telecommute Option:
If you have been working for your company for over six months and have already established trust with your supervisor and employer, this is the perfect time to begin this discussion. With the high gas prices and the downturn in the economy, many companies are looking at ways to cut costs. Eliminating costs of office space and other associated costs may be highly appealing to your employer and can help open the discussion for transitioning to a home office position.

4. Set Your Boundaries
Identify certain times, like dinner, when your household must remain tech-free. During that hour no one can answer e-mails or texts or pick up the phone. Mention this tech-free hour to your manager and co-workers, and make sure your boss agrees.

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