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March 08, 2006

Entertainment & Leisure

At home or indoors there are ways of being creative, such as writing, photography or painting, Creative writing Painting Music Photography , skits or drama, dance Pottery, general and specialty Crafts, and there are facilities that provide for home-based leisure, such as:
take-away restaurants ;video rental shops; bookshops; libraries ;shops selling computer or internet-based games. (poker, black jack, bridge, and other card games).

There is plenty of room for an art lover starting by
Art & Museums ; Theatre & Film ; Literature & Poetry ; Professional photography & Auctions; Dance & Music; Festivals & Culture ; History.

home-based leisure arts

PaperCuts or Silhouette Artistry.

PaperCuts refer to handicrafts made by cutting paper with scissors to form different patterns and pasting them on walls, windows, doors and ceilings is an ancient and timeless art.
Paper-cuttings have different uses or purposes. These can be used as an ornament in gates, windows, walls, columns, mirrors, lamps and lanterns.

Papercutting has a long history in the folk-art traditions of Jewish as well as Chinese, Polish, Mexican, and many other cultures. Created using readily available tools and relatively inexpensive materials, papercuts are used as decoration for cultural and religious rituals and life-cycle events around the world. In this hands-on workshop, students learn the history of this intricate and fascinating art form and view both historic and contemporary examples of papercut works. They learn about tools and supplies and view practical demonstrations. Students then cut a pre-designed pattern to learn proper technique and go on to create and cut original designs using archival materials. The workshop concludes with useful framing suggestions. as you can see is a folk art of many cultures. No art background or experience is necessary, just an interest in being creative!

Creative careers & industry

Artists work hard. Artists are taxpayers. Artists raise families.
Personally as an artist, taxpayer and mother I would want to see more support to the industry and educational field.

Arts-based activities foster healthy, secure, and positive social
development of young people, and develops diverse, marketable skills, and arts-based skills they can be used in the classrooms, for example, drawing and painting techniques, theatre, exercises, or skills in listening to and interpreting music.

History & Profile

About Hineni's Paid Content Entrepreneur's Club:

My name is Marisol Diaz. After my sucessful and Award winning Smart click & Associates web store in 2002. I developed other concepts for Hineni Media, such as the Paid Content Entreprenuers Club in April of 2008 to help people who are not willing or able to spend much money in connection with online and offline home income opportunities.

I got into Internet marketing, publishing, webmastering and networking four years ago. At first, I wanted to specialized in passive income programs, because I loved the fact that you didn't have to recruit anybody to earn a profit. I found most Internet passive income opportunities to be either very costly and/or very short-lived, however, and not suitable for entrepreneurs with low or fixed incomes.

Over time, I have discovered "low budget passive income" opportunities and home income programs that require very "light" recruiting to put you into profit. I also love freebies and sharing information and resources with others.


I keep in mind, I updating from time to time my profile.

Marisol Diaz is a successful Toronto-based Entrepreneur. She works as ePublisher Executive. She is also the founder and leading writer of which specializes in helping foreign workers and trained profesionals settle sooner in Canada with employment based visa tips. Marisol Diaz is also a mentor,trainer, public speaker, and community volunteer.

TRAINER - Author - Teleseminar Call leader - Archer- Archery Instructor - Canoe & Kajak Instructor - Mountain bike Rider - as three of my many passions, I love life and love to help others find their passion!

My latest ebook project is "Guide to create your own Informational Product"(c)2010.

As a MENTOR for CEO's, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (especially women), I use a powerful WORSHEETS PROCESS that enables you to quickly find your Total Inner Wealth Health and Happiness regardless of what's happening around you!

Come hear my VISIONARY, PRAGMATIC, POSITIVE message in the 2010 Millionaire Mentor Series---join HM's worldwide audience---weekly Teleseminar calls at

And, connect powerfully with other minds by forming or joining a MasterMind Group! Contact me at to create or join a idea generator group!

Marisol's ’s Specialties:

Cross-cultural training & consultancy, international mergers and acquisition, Translations, Expatriate Integration Programs, Country Business Briefings , Settlement, candidate assessment programs,content-driven professional products, B2C online products , resumes, media portafolio, writer, author,Career Development, foreign trained professionals, overseas worker, cross cultural missions, religious workers, faith based ventures, Work permits,Residence permits,Visa

Teaching how to change your Wealth by changing your mind, view your future, design practical steps to create a bold new life, and keep you focused regardless of what anyone else thinks about you, or whatever is happeing around you!


Art & Leisure Development

You Are Creative!

Creativity is not about inventing something totally new, it is about making jot down what comes to your mind. You don't have to be a special kind of person to be creative – everyone can do it. It's not about who you are, it's about what you do. You just need to start looking for multiple solutions rather than settling for just one, and give yourself permission to be playful and inquisitive, flexible and versatile.

There is virtually no problem you cannot solve, no goal you cannot achieve, no obstacle you cannot overcome if you know how to apply the creative powers of your mind, like a laser beam, to cut through every difficulty in your life and your work.

The good news is that creativity is a skill and a talent that can be learned and developed through practice. With this skill, you can dramatically accelerate your personal and professional growth. By sharpening your thinking skills and exercising your natural creative powers, you can multiply the value of your efforts and rapidly increase the quantity and quality of your rewards.

Creativity consists of coming up with many ideas, not just that one
great idea. For instance one of my favorite areas is Design and applied arts which is a broad concentration within the field of visual arts, and includes such areas as: advertising, commercial design, commercial photography, fashion design, graphic design, illustration and drawing, interior decorating, and many more. Generally speaking, design and applied arts can be described as arts
in which one designs or creates something intended to be used rather
than simply viewed.

Because there are so many different career opportunities within the
design and applied arts, educational and other training requirements
vary. One who hopes to work in an advertising or interior design firm
may be required to earn a degree while a photography may not.

They are and can be leisure activities you might want or have interest in developing. There is now a wider choice of leisure activities so there is something for everyone to enjoy they can be categorized under indoors and outdoors, below some 'basics' eg .

Reading, Radio ,TV watching, Web ( chat,playing computer games),Puzzles and games ;Cookery ;Gardening; DIY ;Arts & Crafts (Sewing and knitting,etc)
Dance & music;Games & Puzzles

Shopping ;Cinema; Sport and fitness ;Spectator sports ;Museums and galleries; Theatre and music venues ;Drinking (Bar); Days out ;Online leisure (internet cafe);Rambling and countryside walks; Water or aquactic leisure; Sailing .

Get started or keep developing in your leisure time!

March 07, 2006

Web Folio

Company: Hineni Media
Language(s): English, Spanish, French

Primary Area of Expertise: My main area of expertise includes editing, research, translation, web based business and working with people who work internationally and expatriates. As biblingual trainer and business developer myself I coach, consult, and train individuals and companies on all matters related to success in working across cultures too.

•Seasoned administrator in both business and academic enviroment with expertise encompassing program development
•Over three years experience as Cross Cultural Specialist & Web Communications/ Publisher.
• Work & Study/ International employment

I create, publish and sell content. Do SEO for the website and and use eBay or Amazon, café express, to help to sell products. Register in Web directories, link exchanges, Google Ad Words, Facebook, Twitter, conference, videos, Rss.

Compilation/ researcher:
I’ve helped clients research information in government reports, online databases, trade journals, books, magazines, and websites, search engines and other sources. My research has been used in market planning, business planning, product development, business development, search engine optimization, pricing, promotions, direct mail, magazine articles, brochures, whitepapers.

Hineni Media is a company that obtains information for others and charges for this service. HM hosts a series of email newsletters by paid subscriptions. I combined my education and years of experience with entreprenuership, I started a company that serve a wide variety of clients. Hineni Media provides information services to organization of all sizes and types in conjuction with existing staff or by contract.


Web Communications Specialist/ Managing Editor:
•  Immigrant Entrepreneur & Business Opportunities Blog
• Memberlodge a "Faith and Entreprenuership" Online Magazine
Provides Language learning tours, Language Newsletter, business liaison.
•Information Technology:  Brochure card
•I also offer blog development & design through

Legal Research & Writing:
•Hineni Communications @ immigrant entreprenuership & employment blog

•Goverment & Non Profit:
•Ministry of Mission (MoM)
•Manantial Services
•Canadian Food for the Hungry

•Distance Courses or Training:
•Hineni Press
•Sephardic Tree

•Hineni Media's Entreprenuership Blog
• Microskills; YMCA USA
• Seminars at 'Light your life"


Ashworth University Web design Certificate
Web Technologies,Web Programming,Web Graphics and Multimedia & Web Business
Entrepreneurial studies II, 2007
Entrepreneurial studies I, 2000.
MicroSkills Centre for Women, Toronto, ON,
Computer Science Studies at UNPHU university
Modern Languages & Cross Cultural Studies UASD


Canadian Assciation of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs
Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection/Network
Cambridge Who's Who
Professional Fees: $45 - $130 per hour or To be discussed with the customer.
References Available: Yes
Aboriginal and/or Multi-Cultural Experience: Yes
Willing to Travel: Yes. Hineni Media's consultancy will travel anywhere at the organization's expense.

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March 06, 2006

Leisure & Wellness

What you've just reading in our site can give you some ideas on how free time can be enjoyed, but you must first learn to give yourself the permission to enjoy.
What we tend to forget is that our lives need balance - we need both work and leisure. In their book Healthy Pleasures, Robert Ornstein, Ph.D. and David Sobel, M.D., say, "Having something you love to do, not for the pay of it, but just for the sake of it, is the essence of recreation." They go on to say, "Some kind of hobby seems an essential compliment to healthy work."

When we have a negative attitude toward leisure, we stop ourselves from living fully. We all need chances to grow, learn, and change; to do creative and enjoyable things; to develop positive relationships. Leisure can provide us with all these opportunities. What's more, leisure experiences can reduce the stress in our lives.

A. Discover Your Leisure Interests. Ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers.
Which leisure time pursuits have you enjoyed in the past?
Which ones (recent or past) do you enjoy now?
To which of these pursuits would you like to devote more time?
What new activities - arts, crafts, hobbies, sports, studies, travel or volunteer work - would you like to try?

3. Let us serve you with arts & leisure activities available to you.