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October 28, 2010

The benefits of a membership sites

Web sites that require you to sign up for a product or service are called membership sites.

Sometimes this requires a fee upfront before allowing you access to any of the material on the site and other times certain pages and topics will be available to anyone who signs up but they will also offer a paid upgrade. This upgrade will allow the member access to additional information in the form of videos, interviews and forums and any other medium that would offer extra value.

Initially, starting a membership site required you to purchase a membership script or software designed especially for this purpose. As membership sites started to explode on the Internet, various plug-ins were created that allowed bloggers to turn their blog (such as a WordPress blog) into a membership site.

Membership sites have been around for a long time. Think about it, physical products have often been offered through joining a membership site. Sometimes these physical products were offered at a discount for anyone who joined and paid a monthly or yearly fee and some even offered a onetime/lifetime payment.

The same principle has been applied to the Internet as infopreneurs realized the value of the information they were freely giving away and membership sites started cropping up in every conceivable topic/niche. They remain one of the hottest formats on the Internet for offering valuable information.

The benefits of a membership site are obvious:

1) It is the perfect work at home solution with very little overhead to get started. Basically all that is needed is a computer, chair, good/reliable Internet connection and a membership script, software or plug-in. How many offline business' can you start with so little an investment?

2) A membership site is the perfect platform for offering all your affiliate products. You have a captive audience. Make sure they are closely related to your membership site topic. These will be your back-end sales.

3) There are no extra expenses such as transportation costs, manufacturing costs and warehouse rentals to store your goods because you deal in digital information. The costs associated will be minimal and will include items such as web-hosting and auto-responders.

I have seen membership sites online charging anywhere from $4.00 a month upwards to $500 a month. So, there is something for everyone's budget. customers love subscription sites that can actually save them precious time and energy that can better be put to use towards their own dreams and ambitions.

In order to retain your excitement and enthusiasm it is always best to stay within a passion of yours. Writing on a topic that is really of no interest to you will eventually take its toll as your enthusiasm wanes and your writing suffers.
In order to retain members your content must be unique, of high value and not easily found elsewhere for free.

We have always paid for information in the past without a second thought. Whether it be newspapers, schooling, magazines, journals...or expanded television choices. The Internet is no different. Soon what was once freely accessed will only be available behind closed doors as the information highway becomes a toll road.

Owning your own paid membership site catering to a particular niche can give you a recurring income comparable to that of a CEO, but running a membership site as with any business model requires planning, so if you want to learn how best to launch a membership site that will turn profitable as quickly as possible, contact me.

About the Author:
Marisol Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online business, web-based business, information based and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, contact me and also visit:

October 21, 2010

Types of Info-Products: Membership Sites

Different Types of Info-Products: Membership Sites

Membership sites are a really cool business model, because instead of having to make people pull out their credit card over and over again, you just put them on auto-bill.

The good thing with membership sites is that once people are signed up, they usually stick with it, specially if you provide really good value and over deliver.
So, here’s how a membership site works: you sign up for a membership site and then each month you get billed the membership fee.

Most membership sites are below $100 per month, but some are way more expensive than that. Usually in a membership site there are some resources offered, like reports, ebooks, a forum and some form of coaching is often also part of the package. I’m member of several membership sites that I signed up for and I more than get my money’s value out of them – but I’ve also joined some that were simply overhyped and didn’t deliver. I dropped out of those, but I stuck to the good ones and am happily paying month in and month out.

Of course you’ll have to constantly put up new content in a membership site. Ideally when running a membership site, there should be some kind of interaction going on, because if members actually experience the persona contact with you, your staff or whoever a mentor is, they usually are much more loyal. Does that mean more work? Yeah, off course it is, but it can be so much more profitable!

Many internet entrepreneurs who run membership sites also sell products. Liza Tomei for example sells ebooks,marketing, homestudy courses, but also has a membership site called “List and Profit”. Now what she often does as a sign of gratitude to the List and Profit members is that he gives them discounts on his products that only they are eligible off.

So the key to a membership site is really creating a compelling offer that people are willing to sign up for auto-pay and then constantly delivering so much value that they just don’t want to leave.

Some people also have a kind of more “sneaky” approach, and I leave it up to you whether you want to consider that: they sell something, like an ebook. Let’s say an ebook on how to make money by buying and selling women's Sexy accesories. This ebook costs maye $27. When I buy that, I automatically get signed up for a free, 3-month trial for the “ Lenceteria & sexy clothes Profit Membership Site”. If I don’t cancel me 3 month free trial membership, they’ll just charge a monthly membership fee and deduct it from the credit card I used to pay for the ebook.

Membership sites are a great way to make a lot of money almost on auto-pilot. In fact, think about it: if you have just 30 people who sign up for a $19,97 monthly membership, that makes you $600 for month. You could just pay a ghostwriter 200 to write some content each month and literally would be making $400 without lifting a finger and having the work done for you.

Marisol Diaz is one of the country's leading Online business implementation experts.
An Ontario Entreprenuership Award Winner and Web based business columnist,
her latest eventure is Canada Employer's Database for Int'l Professionals. An instructor, author, and public speaker, Mari Diaz speaks around the world about Online business, business websites and entrepreneurship, including recent visits to Latin America. She has been on women hispanic network, hispanic channel among many others, and her business column,Ask an Expert, appears weekly at this blog. If you would like Mari to speak to your group, help your business grow, or if you would like to sign up for his free newsletter, "Subscription Based Business Success Secrets!" please visit her website


October 15, 2010

Blog Setup and Design Packages

Hineni's Setup and Design Division have a range of website packages to suit most needs.

Our prices are competitive and reasonable, starting from as little as $300. See our range of Packages listed below: #Note that the cost of webhosting and domain name registration is additional to these package costs

The "Blog Package" is $300 and includes:

A perfect GIFT for someone you care about who is going on a travelling adventure! They can write about their adventures and post pics to keep the rest of you entertained and "in the know". Includes:

Design and Setup of your Blog
Training on how to use the Blog software - making your first "post"; adding users; editing the blog; monitoring comments and users

The "Starter Package" is $450:

This package is for someone who already has a website and wants to add a blog. The blog will help you get much better results with the search engines as well as build relationships with your customers, The "Starter Package" is $450 and includes:

Homepage *
Insertion and arrangement of unlimited text for the homepage, as supplied by you
Insertion and arrangement of up to 3 images, as supplied by you
Creation of Links to external websites, as requested by you
Uploading and setup of your site to your web address **
Search Engine Optimisation SEO
Submission of your site to the major search engines eg google, yahoo...
* NOTE : Additional pages from $66 each

The "Professional Package" is $650 and includes:

Homepage plus up to 4 other pages (eg "contact us" OR "about us" OR "gallery" OR "services" OR "products"...) *
Unique design tailored to be consistent with your Logo and other print media
Insertion and arrangement of unlimited text as supplied by you
Insertion and arrangement of up to 20 images across the whole site
Creation and insertion of image slideshow
Unlimited Links to areas/pages within your website AND Links to external websites (as requested by you)
Uploading and setup of your site to your web address **
Search Engine Optimisation SEO
Submission of your site to the major search engines eg google, yahoo...
* NOTE: additional pages from $70 each

The "Portfolio Package" is $550

The Portfolio Package is geared towards showcasing the work of visual artists and designers. The Portfolio Package automatically includes an attractive gallery system to showcase up to 15 examples of your work. Contact us for a quote if you have more than 15 works to display.

E-COMMERCE PACKAGES starting from $1800
The "Bronze E-commerce Package" Selling up to 100 products $1800
The "Silver E-commerce Package" Selling from 101 to 1000 products $3300
The "Gold E-commerce Package" Selling more than 1000 products $5500
It is recommended that all E-commerce websites purchase an SSL certificate for increased protection and peace of mind for their customers. All SSL Certificates include a dedicated IP address, Installation and support.

Can't see the Website Design Package that's right for your business?

No problem...Just contact us by phone 647.448.2052 or use our contact form and we can tailor a package that meets your specific needs.

** Web Hosting and Domain Name registration

Web Hosting and Domain Name registration can be organised for you from our trusted Canadian supplier or we recomended bluehost. Note that most ISP's offering "free web space" do not accommodate the languages necessary for functioning of shopping carts, databases or interactive forms. In such cases, contact between you and your clients will be limited to email and snailmail. Therefore we highly recommend the convenience of full webhosting.

Webhosting - various pricing structures according to size, traffic and security requirements. Prices start from a little as $80per annum for Personal sites, and from $120p.a. for Business sites. These fees can be paid in monthly instalments.
Domain Name registration from $13.95 per year for .com and $29.95 per 2years for .com.;ca

NOTE: Additional Features and Changes/Updates are priced as follows:

Additional Pages $70 each
Changes to existing site $45 per hour (billed in 15minute blocks)
Addition of a Blog to your existing website from $150
Please supply all your text and images digitally via email or hardcopy on CD. Images can be in jpg, bmp, gif, png or psd format.

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October 14, 2010

Blog Development: How Much Will It Cost?

Blog Development: How Much Will It Cost?

Every project has different requirements, and those often require unique expertise and resources. Of course, in the interest of openness and transparency, we want to give you an idea of the costs to complete your vision.

Before we talk numbers, we have to say that we're not going to be the lowest bidder for your project. If you just want to get your site out the door for the lowest price without regard for quality, you should probably look elsewhere. We're passionate about creating the best solution and we take the time to do things the right way. If you appreciate the value of custom website design and development, you'll love working with us.

So how much will it cost to do something like you have in mind? Here are some ultra-rough ballpark price ranges.

A Typical Project

In the case of a simple redesign, a client comes to us with a fairly basic existing site that needs to be revamped for one reason or another. The content will mostly stay as is, although it may need to be reorganized a bit. Let's assume that the client also wants a content management system so that they can maintain the site on their own moving forward. How much will something like this cost? Let's break it down.

Research and Information Architecture (competitive analysis, site structure, wireframes, meetings): $3,750
Visual Design (one design direction for a small set of templates): $3,750
Page Coding (turning designs into HTML and CSS): $3,500
Implementation of a Content Management System: $4,000
Content migration and CMS training: $1,000
QA and testing: $500

All in all, you're looking at roughly $16,500 for a simple redesign, a content management system, and project management. A site with a simple ecommerce system is probably in the same ballpark. If you have someone in-house to build out the website and you just need us to provide you with finished designs, you're looking at about half that price.

Naturally, every estimate is customized for a given project, and cost may vary greatly depending on your specific needs.

Other Common Projects
As you can imagine, building a custom application from the ground up is a bit complicated. If you want to build your own shopping cart or social network, for example, you're looking at anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000+, depending on the scope of the project.

If you want to get into email marketing, we’ll design and code a template for you and set it up in our email marketing service of choice for $2,000.

If you want us to set up and manage a pay-per-click advertising campaign, there will be plenty of research and setup time as well as ongoing monitoring. It typically costs around $4,000 to get up and running and then another $1,500 a month to manage the campaign, depending upon the size and complexity.

If you would like to rank better in search engines, we can do comprehensive research on your current situation and put a plan together to improve it. If you're hearing all the buzz about social media marketing and you want to jump on the bandwagon, we can help there as well. Again, you're looking at about $2,000 to start.

Other sorts of consulting are billed hourly.

Obviously, these are all very rough estimates, but we would be happy to give you a more accurate quote for your specific project. If you're interested in working with us, just

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Custom blog design services and pricing

Custom blog design services and pricing

Thank you for considering a custom blog design from Hineni! I have one basic package that is priced differently depending on which blogging platform you are using.


(the self hosted version)

• Squarespace

• TypePad
(Unlimited or Premium plans)

I also have a list of a la carte services or packages* to suit most needs so you can further tailor your order. Once you’ve decided on everything, you can find the Order Form and contact here in my blog.


custom header
coordinating solid or white colored background
color coordination of links and other template components
layout configuration of your blogging platform’s basic template (see below)
three revisions, additional will be charged in half-hour increments (see a la carte services)
This package is available at the following prices and using the specified templates:

Blogger/Blogspot using the Simple template – $100 using the Vigilance theme – $150* using the Thesis premium WordPress theme (includes installation of theme) – $150
Typepad (Unlimited or Premium accounts only) using one of the pre-defined themes – $125
*This package is for existing self-hosted accounts and includes a free favicon (the small image that shows up near the web address in your browser window, with the exception of Internet Explorer).

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Hineni's Business's Coaching Phases

Hineni's business coaching packages are designed to help you to achieve your business and personal goals quickly and comprehensively. In this ongoing coaching partnership, we’ll start by assessing what’s working, what’s not, and clarify what you want to achieve.

Then, we’ll set goals, pinpoint measurable results and a time-line for achieving them. We’ll brainstorm different ways of working, test out ideas and put new strategies into action. And, while we’re doing that, we’ll eliminate any roadblocks in your way so you can focus more clearly, make thoughtful decisions and progress quickly.

Speak with me about your business.

I’ll keep you on track, provide an objective point of view, and the guidance, support and accountability we all need to achieve our goals and overcome our challenges. We will discuss, strategize and brainstorm together, but as a coaching client, it will be up to you to implement and actually do or delegate the work necessary to achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself.

Read on for business coaching packages, options and fees.

In certain areas, when appropriate, I also provide small business consulting services to help with implementation if you don’t have the resources in-house.

In addition to coaching sessions, you’ll get resources, tools, assessments, and exercises all designed to help you achieve your goals, run your business more effectively, make more money and experience less stress.

Since business coaching is a process, the time needed for each individual to achieve their goals is different, but all clients basically go through the same phases.

My business coaching services cover three phases:

1. In the beginning, we outline the work we will do together and clear out any “clutter” and roadblocks that may be standing in the way of achieving your goals.

2. The next phase is when we roll up our sleeves, set plans and action steps, and develop, test and implement new strategies. This is the phase where most of the work and the bulk of the results & rewards take place.

3. In the final phase, we plan out the future goals you will continue to work towards on your own.

I work with a select group of clients who have one thing in common: They are committed to their success. As you can see from the testimonials on this site, my clients achieve significant results.

Most clients work with me for somewhere between 6 months and several years. Why that long? The longer term clients stay after their initial goals have been achieved because they want to continually raise the bar, and set even greater ones. They value on-going guidance, support, insights, accountability and the fresh perspective that comes along with having a partner for success. And most importantly, they continue to receive a high return on their investment in coaching.


Business Coaching Packages, Options and Fees

Here are the Small to Medium size business coaching packages I offer on a one to one basis:

1 Full Year of 1 to 1 Coaching – get 2 months free + bonus check-ins!

In this business coaching package, you get 12 full months of coaching; including 36 sessions (3 – 45 minute sessions per month), free email support, and one free monthly check-in call between sessions. Package price $4840.

6 Months of 1 to 1 Coaching – save 10%

In this SOHO business coaching package, you get 6 full months of coaching; including 18 sessions (3 – 45 minute sessions per month), and free email support. Package price $2612.

(Want business coaching for yourself and a business partner? Contact me for pricing).

Additional business coaching packages and options are available for existing clients.

Custom business coaching packages are also available.

Are you ready for more profits, more time, more fun, greater fulfillment and less stress?

If you’re serious about signing up for one of my business coaching packages, schedule a business coaching consultation to speak to me about your challenges and find out if my style and services are a good fit.

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Business Consulting

Small Business Consulting

In addition to my Download Resources & Products Library, I also offer the following offline and web based small business consulting services, please click on links for further details, or click here to schedule a business consultation.

1. Hourly small business consulting works well for people who have a burning question or need to resolve something quickly with professional guidance. Read more about hourly small business consulting.

2. Web evaluation and my small business consulting packages are really business “check-ups” that help you maintain the health of your company. We can spend some time looking at your business finances, strategy, website or marketing. Click here for more information about my web evaluation and other small business consulting packages.

3. Marketing Consulting: For business owners and professionals who need to acquire new clients and are too busy or lack the resources to do it in-house, I offer marketing strategy consulting as well as website development and organic search engine optimization services. Find out more about my marketing consulting services.

4. Business Workshop: I offer live customized workshops to companies and organizations in the NY(Toronto) area, and via tele-conference outside of NY(Toronto). Help your team or organization learn more about time management, sales & marketing, web development and business planning. Read more about business workshop services.

5. Organize My Business Consulting: If you are self employed, work for yourself or do freelance, this service is custom designed for you. I’ll help you increase profits and get your business organized and under control so you can make more money, save time and reduce the stresses of working for yourself.

6. Business Consultant: Many small business owners and professionals spend all of their time doing what they do best. As a result managing their business often takes a back-seat until there are problems…

7. Business Advisor: Is your business suffering the effects of the recession? My business advisor services can help you recession proof your business.

8. Business Consulting Packages and Fees. Check this page if you want to find out about my hourly fees and money saving packages.

Are you ready to make more money, have less stress and more enjoyment from your business? Schedule a business consultation today.

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October 13, 2010


Marisol Diaz provides consulting services for authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and companies, with a special focus on online publishing wih a paid content focus, Web-based business, websites business, online visibility and social media strategy.

Consulting engagements can be scheduled by the hour or quoted on a project basis. Her Action Plan packages are customized to the needs of the client.

Consulting topics can include any combination of the following:

Ø Self-Employment & Entrepreneurship Programs

Ø Online Business Start up Workshops

Ø Web-based business development

Ø Website Assessment and Improvements

Ø Impact of existing website content

Ø Keyword strategy development

Ø Site visitor experience

Ø Electronic newsletters

Ø E-mail marketing

Ø Website content development

Ø Visitor data collection

Ø Site navigation and effectiveness

Content Marketing Strategy
Ø How to sell information Online

Ø Become an Infopreneur

Ø Inforprenuership Courses

Ø Information based websites

Ø Paid content business model

Ø Membership based websites

Ø Articles

Ø Special reports

Ø Ebooks

Ø Blog development

Ø Video & images

Ø Informational Product Development

Online Marketing Strategy

Ø Search engine optimization tactics

Ø Online profiles

Ø Strategic alliances

Ø Bloggers

Ø Visibility with traditional media

Ø Visibility with internet-based media

Ø Resources for additional visibility

Ø Ecommerce

Ø tips and tricks

Ø Podcasts and teleseminars

Ø Online events

Ø Webinars

Social Media Strategy

Ø Facebook

Ø LinkedIn

Ø Twitter

Ø Social media automation

Ø How to make money blogging

Ø Where to find your target audience

Ø Resource allocation

Ø Social media best practices

Marisol Diaz also offers speaking engagements, custom training workshops and programs tailored to your specific needs.

Though she is located near Toronto, Ontario, she is available to travel to your location. She also delivers consulting services remotely via teleconference. Calls may be recorded upon request.

To inquire about other services
  • see my rates, workflow, and terms for details
  • Otherwise, please call or e-mail Marisol Diaz.

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    Are you looking for a speaker for your next meeting or business conference? Marisol Diaz is an Ontario Entreprenuership Award-winning author and professionally-trained speaker who is available to speak on a variety of subjects including internet marketing/online marketing, social media, small business growth strategies and publishing. Hand-outs and training materials can be customized to meet the needs of your audience. Marisol Diaz travels from Toronto, Ontario.

    Click here to download a printable speaker brochure for Marisol Diaz(PDF)

    October 11, 2010

    Web Based Business Creation (2)

    Informational Products

    Informational products are perfect for the Internet. This type of Intellectual property can be writing, works of art, or software. As an example, songs start as an idea and then the songwriter puts it on paper. Next, a singer and musician perform it. Once it has been recorded onto a CD or a hard drive, the song can then be heard by others. Record companies have CDs and cassettes. Radio has broadcasting. TV has music videos and the Internet has mp3's. All of these formats can be bought, sold, and traded.

    You don't need to be a songwriter to create informational products, however. You can write a book, create a software program, or take photographs. If the idea can be put into an electronic format (book into an ebook), you have the first building block of a web-based business.

    For non-writers and non-programmers, you don't need to create the intellectual property to make money from it. There are many people that have ideas, but don't know how to sell them-you find the idea and then offer to sell it. Some companies have affiliate programs that will pay you a commission on anything sold to customers that you referred to them. Also, you can buy the rights to resell someone else's idea (a book, photograph, song, software, etc) and then sell it as if it was your own.

    Marisol Diaz is an experienced workshop presenter,executive editor,IA and a business facilitator. Marisol Diaz works part time as online business Implementation consultant; technology entrepreneur in Toronto. She has founded three ventures, writes a Immigrant business blog @ where
    she has been also writing on Canada settlement, employment and immigration law since 2006. contact her @


    October 08, 2010

    Web Based Business Creation (1)

    The Internet has become clogged with web sites and has tons of people selling things so it is easy to get lost in the quagmire. Don't count on one idea making you rich. Many of my clients and business acquaintances don't make a lot of money for each idea they are selling. Some do as well as $100,000 in a month, but may not sell much after an initial rush. Most that I know make about $1000 per month per idea on average but if you want to create a perfect web-based business here are some steps:

    Quick steps for getting your online business up and running.

    •Get your idea into an electronic format
    •Research your competition and tweak your idea accordingly
    •Find a place to host your company web site. Look for an inexpensive hosting company that has great service. Find a backup just in case.
    •Build an inexpensive, yet professional web site that is easy for your customers to use with a simple, but reliable shopping cart.
    •Determine your payment system. Most likely you will want a merchant account to handle credit card payments or you can try out PayPal or ClickBank.
    •Optimize your site for the search engines and be sure you are listed in all the major search engines.
    •Use pay per click (PPC) search engines such as Overture and Google AdWords to build targeted traffic quickly.
    •Start your own affiliate program to develop your own sales force.
    •Watch your bank account fill up.

    Marisol Diaz is an experienced workshop presenter,executive editor,IA and a business facilitator. Marisol Diaz works part time as online business Implementation consultant; technology entrepreneur in Toronto. She has founded three ventures, writes a Immigrant business blog @ where
    she has been also writing on Canada settlement, employment and immigration law since 2006. contact her @

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    October 04, 2010

    Subscription-based startups

    Subscription based websites Services

    These sites are varied in their purpose and range, the entrepreneur must know their market, the industry stats, how other companies in the space are valued, and the business models of these other companies. The next most important thing is to be able to articulate that to potential customers and investors very clearly in as few minutes and slides as possible. Never underestimate the value of a strong elevator pitch that includes a succinct positioning statement.

    These sites are varied in their purpose and range. Typical examples include newspapers such as The Financial Times or the US newspaper The Wall Street Journal which employ different levels of paid for subscription such as click through headlines. But this category also includes music or games sites such as

    Hulu unveils subscription-based service meant to bolster revenue and attract U.S. subscribers who might be unwilling to pay lofty cable fees
    Netflix just passed 2 million subscribers and is worth $1.86 billion.

    XM Satellite Radio reached 1 million subscribers last October, less than two years after its launch. They are projecting 2.8 million by the end of this year. Market cap: $5.2 billion.

    RealNetworks reached 1 million subscribers to its content service by April 2003. Market cap: $1.1 billion. had 1.6 million subscribers two years ago. (It's privately held).

    American Greetings, I believe, got a million subscribers (to its $11.95 per year greeting cards subscription) in less than one year.

    However, these sites all have something in common. They have tapped into specialist markets, gathered and harnessed a following and kept them coming back for more
    These sites create good content that users want to read or buy as well as communities of users that exchange information. They can sometimes even generate the vast majority of the content themselves.

    In order to achieve credibility, wealth and drive more traffic to your site as well as gaining additional advertising you'll have to also add your own personalised features and methods. This is something has found in its time as a dot com. This is a more unusual model but one which combines content, information, advertising and partnerships while at the same time rewarding it’s users.Business models should follow customers needs and expectations.

    Join the conversations on to share your insights about online business related topics.

    Marisol Diaz is an experienced workshop presenter,executive editor,IA and a business facilitator. Marisol Diaz works part time as online business Implementation consultant; technology entrepreneur in Toronto. She has founded three ventures, writes a Immigrant business blog @ where
    she has been also writing on Canada settlement, employment and immigration law since 2006. contact her @

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