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August 19, 2010

Ready To Start A Membership Site? Select A Right Membership Model

The Membership Website is the top home, internet and information based business model in the online business income opportunity industry. It generates monthly recurring income, and creates a stable, long term passive income opportunities. This Media and Publishing business idea is the Future of the internet where companies charge for content making this the perfect model in making money ideas.

Membership Website - A Home, Internet and Information Based Business

The Membership Website is a online business online consisting of a members area, loaded with content, tools, Traffic Generators for members usage.

So you want to run a membership site. A normal membership site is a perfect way for you to form a "regular paycheck" for yourself. You simply set up a site that provides continuing price for your members, and they pay you an one-time or a periodic fee for the service.

But have you decided your membership site model yet? If not, do not worry. I'll cover all the three membership site models in this article.

First - why you must listen from me?

Because I've been running an online membership site since 2008 and it make good cash for me every month. You can do with an outside or with your own script. I a software platform to run my membership site. I know within outside of this business. You can check out my membership site at

There are ONLY three main sorts of Membership Site Models :

The "Traditional" Membership Site Model :

In this membership business model, you create a membership site where you provide some form of products ( content, coaching, selling rights products or plr products ) to your members inside a private member area, and your members pay you a fixed monthly / annual fee to access your content / products.

Its set up in a way where people can pay a monthly fee to access the information on the website or forum. The problem with this model is that people can log in an get all the info they are after and unsubscribe (unless its a forum where information is brought in constantly).

While you can do this manually , there are several software applications that will manage your members for you.

I personally love the aggregate of

1. Joomla-Amember or
2. Drupal-Amember

The "Pay-Per-Access" Membership Site Model :

This concept is a killer, if you do it right. The best example of such membership site is a video tutorials membership site. You offer your subscribers to pay per video to watch it online .

Normally, a user credit points sort of system is employed for this concept. Person who wants to observe a video tutorial on your website will have to get a pre-defined number of credits for that video to watch it. Once the person has bought the credits to watch a video, he or she can watch the same video any amount of times in future, without having to pay for the credits again.

In either case, you would create a personal area where you would place the videos so that your members could view them. The adaptability is great, which is one of the first reasons to host a membership site.

This model is also called sequential membership site model. In this model all the information is laid out in classes and has a sequential order. The subscriber gets emails with the link to the content on regular bases (weekly or monthly). This is a really good model, however some people want to access more eclasses due to their learning desire. So it can get a little time consuming to manage.

And as long as you are providing price you should be able to make your members happy.

The "Fixed Term" Membership Site Model :

This is hot new concept emerging nowadays and it can be used even for the non-membership based business models.

In a "fixed term" membership model, your subscribers pay you a fixed weekly, monthly or quarterly fee to get access to your product such as a newsletter. This third model is the one where people get to see a part of the information as a tease and have to subscribe to see the rest. This works really well.

This model defines a clear end date. For example, you can start a "fixed term" newsletter site where you send weekly or monthly newsletter issues to your clients for, we could say, six months and the subscription ends after six months. Your subscribers would know a clear end date of their subscription.

The most important benefit of this membership model is a very high retention rate. And the actual reason for a high retention rate is that your clients wouldn't need to start their subscription from the first day and pay again for the info that they have already received..

Yes, you have to set it up in a way such that if someone cancels in between, there is no way to rejoin at a later date and start receiving your newsletter from the day where they left off. That's it. There is no other membership site model. These 3 are proved to work. All of them have worked well for me at some point or the other. So, pick any one and go for it.

I work as Membership site web manager and online business implementation trainer and have been doing this for over 2 years. if you need a membership site, please contact me.

Marisol Diaz is an experienced workshop presenter/facilitator. Executive editor,IA and a small business specialist. She has been also writing on Canada settlement, employment and immigration law since 2006. contact her @

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August 17, 2010

Learn How to start and run an Information Based Business

Learn How to start and run an Information Based Business and Earn a Nice Income

Women as lone parent’s often are in a difficult predicament, as they have to earn an income but at the same time they have children who need to be cared for. The are many ways to run an online home based business and it’s not very difficult to do

The biggest problem with most people seems to be in working out the type of business they should start, and for women lone parents they have to also work out what is possible to do while still taking care of their children.

In this post I will talk about some of the choices that you have to earn a part time of full time extra income from home.

First of all you would need to make a decision on what it is that you want to do to earn an income. Think about the things that you enjoy doing or what hobbies you have, these things can very often turn into money making projects.

If you enjoy what you do you are far more likely to be successful at it. When you do something that you enjoy doing, it is more of a pleasure than a work task and why not make money doing something that you love.

Make a list of any idea that pops into your head, let the list be long just write everything down that seems interesting to you. When you are finished with this you can then begin to narrow it until you have a short list of possibilities.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

1. If you enjoy writing there are thousands of internet based business owners who would gladly pay for your services as they always need content for their websites and they are either too busy or they cannot write articles or emails themselves.
They would be more than willing to pay you for your services. In this instance you could set up your own writing business and offer them your writing services for whatever they might need.

2. Surveys. There are many survey companies on the internet where you can fill out surveys and get paid for doing so. Some of these companies even have offers where you can shop or eat out and get paid for it.

3. How about photography. If you are a hobby photographer, there are websites on the internet that will happily buy your photographs to add to their galleries.

4. Online coaching. There is plenty of money to be made as an online coach if you have any sort of coaching skills, as there are plenty of students on the internet looking for this kind of service.

There are many, many more home, online and information based business opportunities that you could consider; these are just some to start your creative juices running so give it a go and see what you come up with.

After you decide what type of online business you would like to run from home, then the next task is to get it set up which you could do yourself or hire someone to do it for you. So get going with this project make your decision and before you know it you will be on your way to earning an income from home while still having the freedom to spend time with your children. Learn about 101 Information Based Business Opportunities you can start and run from home @

Marisol Diaz is an experienced workshop presenter,executive editor,IA and a business facilitator. She also has been writing on legal research and Canada immigration law since 2006. contact her @

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August 13, 2010

Begin Your Membership Site Today – With My Help

Start Your Membership Site Online – With My Help

I’m running a series of 7 elearning courses and workshops through Sept / October 2010 that will walk your through EXACTLY how to set up the Wishlist Plugin for a Wordpress membership site.

I want to help you get started. I’m going to run a series of How-To, Hands On ecourses or Webinars, showing you EXACTLY how to implement the Wishlist plug-in on your website and integrate it with Aweber, Paypal, Clickbank and 1 Shopping Cart.

I certainly won’t be doing all of this in one Webinar – I will be focussing on each section and walking you through it step by step.

Each course will be about 45 minutes, and I’ll ‘hang around’ after the presentation and take questions – this is really your opportunity to get the ‘real information’ on what this plug-in can do. Here’s what I will cover:

Session 1 – Setup and Installation
July 21 at 9pm Eastern

Installing and activating the PlugIn
Setting up a FREE Membership Level
Setting up a Paid Membership Level
Granting Membership access to Pages, Posts, Categories and Comments

Session 2 – AWeber Integration
Date TBA

Creating the Aweber List
Configuring the AWeber list to work with Wishlist
Configuring Wishlist to work with AWeber

Session 3 – Clickbank Integration
Date TBA

Creating the Clickbank product
Configuring Clickbank to work with Wishlist
Configuring Wishlist to work with Clickbank
Adding the ‘Buy Now’ button to use Clickbank

Session 4 – 1 Shopping Cart Integration
Date TBA

Creating the 1 Shopping Cart product
Configuring 1SC to work with Wishlist
Configuring Wishlist to work with 1SC
Adding the ‘Buy Now’ button to use 1SC

Session 5 – Paypal IntegrationDate TBA

Creating a new Paypal account
Configuring your Paypal Account to work with Wishlist
Configuring Wishlist to work with Paypal
Adding the ‘Buy Now’ button to use Paypal

Session 6 – Sequential Delivery, Testing Periods etc
Date TBA

Setting up a trial membership
Automating the upgrades
Manually moving members between levels

Session 7 – Q&A Evening
Date TBA

I know that after 6 or 7 mini-courses you’re going to have questions – I also know that you won’t think of some of those questions until afterwards… So I’m going to run an open Q&A session on the last evening, so you can ask your questions and brainstorm.

This final call will be scheduled for 60 minutes – and you can grill me with your questions – right then and there.

I’m offering anyone who purchases the Wishlist Membership plugin for WordPress from the opportunity to attend for free. All you have to do is purchase Wishlist from this link before August 30,2010 then complete the form below with your purchase details – and you’re in!

Not ready to purchase the plugin, or perhaps you have it already? Not a problem, you can attend to. Visit WordPress Wishlist Membership Mini-course for more information @

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August 12, 2010

Other Consultancy Services

Feasibility Studies ( Business Planning consulting)

Want to start a business or take on a project? Not sure if you should? Working closely with you, we can help you look at and weigh all the factors before you say "go" or "no go", thus saving you time and money down the road. If the answer is "yes", then we can assist with the business plan or project planning. If the answer is "no", we can help you find alternatives.

French as a Second Language and Canadian Cultural Training

French is The other language of business & communications. It's an official language in Canada . Hineni provide qualified, practical and easy-to-use language tuition and translation services in the French language to:

Foreign business owners immigrating to Canada
Government, businesses and educational facilities world-wide

Our instruction follows International standards for both conversational and business French,

Doing business in another country can be confusing and embarrassing. For companies wanting to do business in Canada, in addition to French, we provide training in

Canadian life, culture and customs
Canadian settlement & relocation
Canadian geography
The Canadian Schools Systems
Canadian government systems
Adapting to life in Canada

Training workshops and conference speaking topics
How to operate an Online Business

According to a recent study by the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, online businesses along with home based business now account for 71% of all new business start-ups in Canada.

Let us help you through the whole process, from idea to opening day.

Business planning -
local, provincial and federal regulations
simple bookkeeping
tax considerations
setting up the home office
technology for the home office
separating business from home life
time and stress management

101 Online Business's to operate for Under $1,000
Profiles of business opportunities from the traditional to the bizarre, for youth or the newly retired, this fast paced presentation uses 101 real examples and audience participation to get the point across that opportunities exist everywhere. There are a lot of businesses that can be started in your community for very little money. This workshop is of particular interest to re-training programs, economic development agencies, Chambers of Commerce, youth groups and government agencies.

The Transition from Employee to Self-employed

Of particular interest to laid off government workers, long time workers getting pink slipped, and recent retirees who want to keep busy and make some money. Similar to How to Start a Home Based or Onlie Business, above, with additional sections on:

thinking like an entrepreneur
marketing the consultant
financial planning for the self-employed

Business Planning and Start Up

This workshop leads participants through all the steps necessary to go from "idea" to "opening day". T his is an implementation workshop.

In a logical sequence, and in understandable, everyday terms, would-be entrepreneurs will learn all the steps necessary to research, create and complete a viable business plan. This completed plan will be for both their own use, and to attract potential lenders or investors.

Not a "canned presentation", but tailored to each individual and their business idea.

Participants will:

Learn how to do an accurate feasibility study of their idea to see if the idea has a chance of succeeding.

Explore the characteristics of an entrepreneur, to discover if self-employment really is for them.

Take a look at what they want from a business: financially, personally and emotionally.

Then participants will learn how to gather the information for their business plan, and how to put it all together. Topics here include:

Market Research and Analysis: product or service, target customers, market area, competition, current market analysis, summary of market analysis, market support
Marketing Plan
Operations: organization, location, equipment, production process, suppliers, staffing, guarantees, professionals, banking, advisors
Laws and Insurances
Financial Projections: personal budget, cost analysis, pricing method, personal investment, start-up costs, cash flow, projected income statement
Risk Assessment

Guerrilla Marketing

Discover numerous ways to market your business or organization using untraditional methods that work, and cost LESS than traditional advertising. This is not a "sit and listen" workshop, but a dynamic, hands-on and creative day. Includes after-class follow-up. Guaranteed to give you at least 5 new ways to market yourself, business or organization, or we don't invoice you.

Three reasons why most traditional marketing does not work
What is Guerrilla Marketing
General Guerrilla Marketing Tips
The power of NINE
Know your competition
Create a Benefit Statement
Specific Guerrilla Marketing Tips
Your top 5 Guerrilla Marketing Methods

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What type of website is right for you?

Which Type of Website is Right for You?

You want and decide to start an online business but are you wondering
what type of website? That’s what this article is about. Listed below are three different types of websites and the one you choose depends on what you want to do with your online business.

Below a brief overview.

Three Types of Websites Featured on the Main Tabs below:

Wild Apricot: A content rich multiple page website, based on a service, a hobby, or a passion you may have. You must like to write about a topic.

One Page Website: Also known as a landing page used to focus on one product and the building of a mailing list of subscribers. Learn the 5 Steps to Building an Online Business.

A WordPress Blog: If you are going to choose blogging as a way to start your first online business, you need a blog platform that is easy to manipulate and one that draws traffic, like this Wordpress theme.

Your website is the vehicle for your business. In all cases mentioned above, no online business will be successful without traffic. Wild Apricot uses multiple pages that you can fill with rich content which attracts traffic from the search engines. It also employs various techniques to ensure every page is search engine friendly. Wild Apricot is a step by step process which guides beginners through the process of building an internet based home business through a website that works.

A One Page Website is a lot easier to build. The real work involved with this type of website is not in the content, but “the offer” presented as well as the process involved in email marketing. Not to be misunderstood or confused with a 'Sales Page" the e-course or subscription offered as part of the One Page Website presentation still goes over basics of how to create your first website.

I do recommend a blog as one of the best way to get started online. It's not very difficult to get a lot of traffic from a blog but it is a long process with a lot of writing. Still, it can be a fun way to get your feet wet and upgrading to professional WordPress experience. Also more friendly by giving you the flexibility with a personalized WordPress theme and add pluggings.

I encourage you to research each one and decide what type of website you feel works best for you as you begin an internet business working from home.

I recommended that you do not start all three styles of websites at once. Choose the one method that suits your goals and succeed at that system of making money before you move on to other trying other things.

Every Website Needs Traffic and the Right System

Different types of business need different types of websites. It also needs to be repeated that to have any level of success, your website needs traffic. It also needs a profitable process in place for making money. Getting people to your site is only the first step. Making sure your conversion rate is profitable is a different story.

Since my first attempt at a different type of website, I did eventually manage to work on a few successful projects that have added to my work at home income.Some of my websites are in fact “in auto pilot” and I don’t have to do much with them. Many do not employ the methods of Wild Apricot process, as they are one page websites with a single focus. Other websites I operate contain a lot of information.

With any online business venture, the first 3 months are the toughest. There is a ton of information to get through. It’s a step by step process. The second three months however, even though things are getting easier, are when most people quit. They give up before success can be achieved.

If you do the proper keyword research and you have a passion for what you are doing, you need to move ahead with confidence.

Some online home businesses start making money in the first couple of months. Others take a little longer. In addition to keyword research, you also want to make sure there are already competitors making money as well.

If there is no competition, then there’s a good chance there is no market at all.

The benefits of niche markets and micro niche markets is that there is less competition. If the traffic potential is there, there after you’ve done your keyword research, it will be easier to make money sooner in a niche market.

While I wouldn’t recommend starting an online business for everyone, for many people it’s one of the best ways to generate income without a job. It has certainly worked disgustingly well for me. If you’re interested in learning more about this option, please check out Start Your Own Successful Online Business @ for details.

A little about me and my journey online.

Marisol Diaz is an experienced workshop presenter/facilitator. Executive editor,IA and a small business specialist. She has been also writing on Canada settlement, employment and immigration law since 2006. contact her @

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August 10, 2010

How to set up a membership site

Starting a membership site offers a generous income resource for you. You can begin one from scratch or locate a trustworthy company that will take care of the whole thing for you. Either way, you can take your hobby, particular knowledge orvocation and turn it into a rewarding business.

Almost every sort of interest and niche has a place for a membership site, because it’s a natural growth of the internet, which benefits both consumer and site owner…

You – as the proprietor – profit a great deal by receiving a steady, predictable income from all those lucrative monthly subscriptions.

Things to keep in mind to start:

1. What you need,
2. How to build and how to manage the site.
3. You will need to choose a theme or topic,
4. Decide on membership software and scripts,
5. Decide on which autoresponder you will use,
6. Decide on a membership model,
7. Decide what types of content you will use and what your source of content will be,

Decide if your membership going to be free or paid?
what kind of digital products? What if any audio and video products will you are using? Are you going to be using an affiliate program to help promote your site if so, how will you manage your affiliate program? Will you become involved in Joint Ventures (JVs)or not ?

Decide on what help desk and forum scripts you will be using.
Will you have a shopping cart on your membership site if so will it be on another server or on your server? What resources will you make available to your membership?

Putting into practice those points to set up a membership site, it keeps you more organized because you can put your information in a protected download area.

Now that you know what you need to set up a membership site, you need to get your hands on the best membership site training on the internet.

For additional thorough information on membership sites, go to

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