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June 29, 2010

Setting Up A Membership Site

Starting and running a membership site can be a lot of fun and very fulfilling, however you need to know what’s involved in setting one up, and then managing it effectively.

There are several factors to consider when setting up a membership site. They include the following:

How do I go arouond to Plan, design and build a membership website?

What is the "theme" or niche I will choose?

What type of Membership? Free, Paid, Or Semi-Free?

How are you going to handle auto-responders, automated sign-ups, credit card processing, automated cancellations?

What software solution is better for it ?

What kind of Content Management System?

How am I going to market and promote it?

The 'free' Membership website option:

Starting with ‘free’ membership sites is a great way to build a list.

You can then sell this list as affiliate products, while at the same time, bring them to a higher level of membership with a price point that is relative to the content you offer and comparable to what the market will bear.

Theme of Your Membership Site

The ‘theme’ can be anything from a broad niche like health, to sub niches like ‘weight loss’ or ‘bodybuilding,’ all the way down to micro niches like ‘diabetic healthy eating.’

You may also choose from giving them simply personal rights (for their own use only), or resell rights or private label rights wherein they can sell the products to others.

Obviously, giving resell or private label rights would attract more members since they get to have instantly profitable products and keep all the earnings.

When deciding on the ‘theme,’ you want to make sure there is enough demand for information products related to your topic. Researching for quality materials you can give to your members is crucial to keep them coming back to your site.

You may either do it yourself, or you could outsource the task so you can focus on your marketing.

Setting Up A Membership Site Using A Content Management System

You can set up a membership site using a content management system like Drupal.

However, many people find Drupal difficult to learn. You can get from instant membership creator to Memberspeed, as there is no programming, coding or SEO involved with it; and many professionals consider it as an all-in-one e-commerce solution for membership sites.

You can use your content management system to 'store' and 'drip feed' content to your members.

The purpose of doing a 'drip feed' is to keep members from signing up, downloading all of your products, and then canceling their membership.

Using Autoresponders For Your Membership Site

Using an autoresponder is another way to run a membership site. With this set-up, you don’t need to install scripts or customize them. You simply deliver content to your members via their very own email boxes.

There are three types of autoresponders. The first is a ‘desktop installation’ that lives on your home computer. The second is a script that you install on your hosting server.

And the third is called a ‘third party’ autoresponder. They all have various benefits and drawbacks.

The advantage of the first and second type is that you only pay one time, and you get to use the autoresponder for life. But the risk you have to take is that the service providers can block you when spam complaints come up.

And the delivery rates are significantly lower compared to a 3rd party autoresponder, which has connections with many service providers.

With a 3rd party autoresponder, you will achieve better delivery rates, have a much better protection against spam complaints, and you don’t need to possess much technical skills because most of them feature an easy to use interface.

Many of them also have a built-in spam filter to let you know if your message is too spammy and liable to end up in a junk mail folder.

The downside is that you have to pay a monthly fee, but this is worth it considering the tremendous advantage it can bring to your business. The top 3rd party autoresponders are GetResponse and Aweber.

With a reliable autoresponder, you can start delivering content to your members. Some autoresponders are designed to integrate with other applications that will make your site more profitable for you.

These applications include affiliate managers like Clickbank and PaydotCom, Paypal and other merchant account processors; and content management systems like Joomla, Wordpress and Memberspeed.

Schedule For Content Delivery

The schedule for delivering products can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. With a property integrated ‘drip feed’ system, or a well planned autoresponder, you can set your site to deliver the goods with little more than the initial effort required to set it up.

When you’re about to run out of content, you can simply create new ones and upload them. Then send out a broadcast message or add it to your email series, with the download link for the new products contained in your message.

Marketing Your Membership Site

Your target market will determine where you will place your advertising to bring new members to your membership site. Some popular places to recruit members are forums, answers sites like YahooAnswers, and social networking sites like Facebook.

When ‘marketing’ yourself in these types of places, keep it low key with a simple sig file with a link to a ‘free area’ of your site.

But of course, nothing beats the power of joint venturing with the top marketers in your field, as you can leverage from their mailing lists and reputation.

There are many things to consider when setting up a membership site. Having a clearly defined plan on setting it up, and running it, will make your life easier in the long run.

Good luck with your new membership website!

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Marisol Diaz is a Small Business Facilitator and Online Business Implementation Expert. I help small businesses take their business online. I provide services to solopreneurs and small business who wish to sell or promote their products and services online. Online Business Implementation Expert @

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June 27, 2010

How to start a Membership site

Starting and running a membership site can be a lot of fun and very fulfilling, however you need to know what’s involved in setting one up, and then managing it effectively. Planning and allowing for auto-responders, automated sign-ups, credit card processing, automated cancellations, etc is all part of a successful membership website.

Things You Need To Consider

Her are some things you need to consider before starting your first membership website:

- What is it about?
- Are you passionate about the subject?
- Who is your target audience?
- Who is going to create fresh content for your members?

Creating or having the content for your membership site

The second thing that needs to be done is to create the content for the site, and make it so good that very few members will ever want to stop paying you their monthly fees.
You have two options here: Either do it yourself or just find an expert in your membership's niche, and ask him or her to write something for a fee.
Depending on what the membership site is based around you could also hire someone on or one of the other freelance websites to write a bunch of relevant articles that will help your members.

Get the template, the service or the Membership Software

The first thing you need to do is to get some good software to create the membership site.

The most simple, best and cheapest that I know of is Instant Membership Site Creator or use Wordpress with special pluggings for paid content. Instant site creator can bought right now for just $17.

Finding the customers

Getting As Many Members As You Can As Quickly As You Can
Here are 4 ways to get massive amounts of traffic to your paid membership site quickly.

1) Setup an affiliate program. By using sites like, you can setup as many membership sites with affiliate programs as you want.

2) Give away free trial subscriptions. allows you to use the trial subscription mode in your membership site. This means you can charge $0 for 30 days access to your membership site to get members in the door. Then you can rebill them for the second month at your normal price.

3) Price your membership site low and make the money on selling your own or other peoples products on the backend.

4) Let other people sell your membership site for you. If you go to one of the popular marketing forums like you'll find people who will help you. It is a great place to make connections and letting other people promote the membership site for you.

Combine these methods and you will have no problems getting all the membership subscribers you want.

Good luck with your new membership website!

Receive teaching, tips, resources, coaching or some other benefit from
Marisol Diaz is a Small Business Facilitator and Online Business Implementation Expert. I help small businesses take their business online. I provide services to solopreneurs and small business who wish to sell or promote their products and services online. Online Business Implementation Expert @

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June 25, 2010

Membership Website Business Ideas

There are a lot of people now looking into putting up their own membership website to earn money using the Internet. While some of you may think that it is easy to come up with your own topic for your website, many people find it difficult to figure out what they should choose. One of the more important things to consider in putting up your own paid membership website is to know what you are interested in.

You must work on something that you are passionate about or you will lose interest in what you do and eventually fail at it. The second thing you should consider is what the market is crazy about. You could just choose anything because if the people do not like it, you would not have any clients. Combine these two things and see what you can come up with.

For the meantime, check these membership website ideas out and see if anything matches your preference:

Put up a website that deals with providing medical information. Remember that giving medical advice without a license is illegal so make sure that you stick to giving relevant information regarding newly developed medicines and procedures that are still new in the market but is now readily available to those who need it. You could also publish updates on recent studies in the medical field.

Discuss sex tips in your website. Probably one of the most sought after jobs today is the job of a sex counsellor. A lot of professionals easily discard sex as an issue because they think that they can perform this duty naturally. However, there are a lot of questions about sex that need to be answered.

Tackle business-related issues and provide tips on how to start a business. The economy is experiencing a downfall and people are losing their regular jobs. Because of this, many are now thinking of putting up their own small businesses. In your website, you may include tips on how to market their own business. You may also enable them to network with each other so they can talk about their experiences.

You could also discuss finantial, saving or budgeting tips in your website. Everyone desires to save money so you can be sure that your website will be marketable. Just be sure to make your website friendly to men and women of all walks of life so as not to limit your market. The more people who can relate to your website’s content, the more members you will get; therefore, you will generate higher profit.

Put up an online travel agency. You could actually create a website that enables people to book flights and make hotel reservations online. The membership feature would also attract people interested in a lot of traveling because they would be able to discuss their own travel plans and the places they have been to with other people.

The tips above can help you a great deal in deciding which category your membership website should belong to but the choices are not limited to those above. There are still a lot of topics you can discuss in your website.
Check for more

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Musings in my special day

It's not easy to come up with great working mother gifts. One of the best gifts I ever receive after being a mom, as paid at-home worker or self employed was the benefit of having a diswasher machine; paid full time daycare for about 4 years; a digital camera and the pocket camcorder. I can tell you that my life, my time, my career was real benefited from it.

I could upgrade and advance my professional path like never before, I greatly enjoyed life. I could focus and the things need for my business, do and take the necesary steps to grow my business. Yes working mothers love the quiet commute and adult interaction.

We all love our kids. We enjoy talking with other moms about them and their foibles. But it's nice to have a built-in break from the world of children, even if it means talking about overdue reports, sales projections and upcoming presentations.

Even better is the opportunity to chat with co-workers about politics, sports, current events or the latest blockbuster movie. Potty training and camp schedules can drive you crazy if you don't have any other topics of conversation.

Work Gives You an Identity Beyond "Mom"

Being a mother is our most important job. But it can be overwhelming if it's our only one. Working mothers get to have an identity separate from being "Mom".

Working Mothers Earn a Pay Check

It doesn't make you greedy to relish the weekly or monthly pay check you bring home. That money feeds and clothes your family, and helps provide for their financial security in the future.

Like it or not, our society runs on money and recognizes it as proof of accomplishment. If you make a choice to give up that pay check, you are opening your family to the risk of financial instability down the road.

Working Mothers Set an Example

As a mother of daughters, I am keenly aware that my life choices will be their first model when they venture out into the world. They may choose differently, but their point of comparison will be the decisions I made about my career and family.

So while I hope they understand that family is my top priority, I also love that they see me having a professional life that is rewarding and important.

Our Children Learn Independence

Someone recently asked me why daycare children are so confident and outgoing. While I don't feel that statement is universally true, I do believe that being in child care helps kids to develop independence and confidence. Every day they separate from their moms and dads, and things turn out okay.

It's wonderful to see children develop loving relationships with their caregivers, and learn different things from them than they would have learned from their parents.

... and regarding the digital camera and the camcorder?

I loved it !! One of the best working mother gifts I ever received was a digital camera and a pocket camcorder -- seemingly invented with moms in mind. The best digital camcorders combine the ease of a point-and-click camera with the crisp quality of video that you want to watch and share with friends.

I'm most thanksful to the Almighty and all people involved !!! I Always enjoy my special day.

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June 23, 2010

Building A Membership Site – Step-by-Step

There are countless ways that Paid membership websites can help internet marketers. Easy and inexpensive to set up, they’re also very effective. That’s the power of the internet!

Content is King ! Now that’s a phrase everybody hears – either those who don’t have a lot of wit or expendable income; those who have a niche or lot of experience; and that’s probably the reason why they have want to make money.

Ever wonder why there are so many people online at any given time? All of them are looking for the exact same thing – information. Not for the same information but nonetheless they’re searching for some sort of information. And for all these people, there’s nothing better than useful information about whatever topic they’re into. That’s where a Paid membership website comes in.

The two main elements to building a successful paid membership website are; to actually construct the website on the internet, and to acquire members to join the paid membership website. Now here how you do it:

Constructing, creating, architecting and designing a paid membership website is akin to building any other type of website, except for a couple of modifications.

1. Choose a topic for your paid membership site.

The topic should be targeted for a particular group of people you want to promote your products and services to. In this case (a paid membership site) it’s advisable to create a broader topic.

2. Ideally you should register a domain name that reflects the subject of your paid member ship website.

For simplicity, use a domain name of less than 20 characters. Go to either Cheap Names ( ) or Godaddy ( and find a domain name that is available and secure it for yourself. Pay for a two year account.

3. While it’s true that web hosting comes with a domain name, get a web host that will allow you to have as many domains as you want on the same server.Go to either; HostGator ( or NetHost ( and subscribe to great web hosting services.

4. You will need a membership script for your paid membership site.

Go to one of these three sites and buy a membership software package
such as: Amember at,(or now Infusionsoft), Membergate; Visiongate or

5. Add a ‘Refer a Friend’ button for more “reach”.
Two sites on which to get this program are,; and

6. Then there’s a helpdesk option you can include on your paid membership website.

In case you want it, here’s the site to get the program from and

7. You need valuable, fresch and good content for your paid membership website.

Content is the basis for ALL websites. Content is king. You’d want the best possible content for your website and there are several ways to get site content: you can download and reprint articles from online article banks, or for better articles join a PLR website. To negate the duplicate content problem, you’d have to do some rewriting on the articles you obtain from both sites.

It’s a big advantage if you can write your own articles. If you can afford it, hire a Content Authoring writer. Great content Authoring writing services can be found at or email

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June 22, 2010

Research any subject

Benefit from our expertise in searching in-house materials at Barbara Frum Public Library, online databases and the Internet. We'll act as confidential intermediaries to contact external organizations on your behalf when the information you need hasn't been published or is hard to obtain.

When the search is complete, we'll deliver the results to you in a customized research package, including a summary of our findings.

We can provide current information on any subject or event whether business or personal. We also have access to a vast amount of historical material, including newspapers, magazines, trade journals and photographs.

Some of our varied research experience includes:

•Career information
•business information
•market analysis
•environmental issues
•law and regulations

Request a free quote*

Request a Quote

Request a Quote

Please complete the following form to request a free, confidential quote from Hineni Media. Our staff will contact you by email within 1 business day (Monday to Friday). If you require same day/within 24 hours service, please indicate RUSH, or call us at 647.448.2052.

View fees and sample project costs*

Fees, Rates & Pricing

My rates, workflow, and terms for details.


Small Business Consultancy

Read on

  • business coaching packages

  • Career

    One Individuals Session: ( pay as you go, pre-paid, monthly)
    Biz or Groups: 4 sessions here.

    Blog Setup and Design Workflow

    I’m happy to discuss potential engagement and/or project at not cost, and after an initial conferral or receipt of a brief will send a price estimate, concept design, and contract. If the client agrees on the concept and quote, I'll produce an initial design, which will go through one or more rounds of corrections (depending on timae available), until we reach a final design. Changes to content made after this final design, or urgency from changes in deadline after the job is agreed to, are charged extra. I have no problem working globally via phone and email as long as we can coordinate time zones.

    Initial meeting with the client and designer to discuss goals and objectives of the engagement and/or project/s at no charge to the client.

    A proposal outlining the scope of the services to be rendered will be provided before work is to begin. Proposals will cover in detail what services are to be provided and what the estimated costs of those services will be. Clients may view progress from the clients page of this web site.

    To estimate a projects cost accurately, it is important to be as prepared as possible with the final written copy and have a clear intended purpose for the project.

    For larger projects, proposals are divided into three parts and billed for each part. The three parts consist of the design phase, the production phase and the delivery phase.

    Depending on the size and type of work needed, projects may be billed hourly, or on a project by project basis.

    A contract is sometimes used instead of the proposal format. The decision of which to use, is made between the client and designer at the initial meeting.

    All time spent on billable services is logged with time keeping software and is available at any point during the project for client review.

    The client must provide finalized text, and/or any finalized written material and may provide photographs and/or illustration for graphic design projects.

    I am able to create illustrations and photography for project, but that is in addition to the design and layout of the project. The designer may create photographs, illustrations and/or original artwork upon request.


  • Custom Blog

  • Read on Blog rates and packages, options and fees

  • I charge CAD$25/h for original art and coding, CAD$35/h for report-writing, meetings, editing, and basic design work. Travel and materials are expensed with the client's agreement. For all but small jobs and hourly consultancy the fee is 40% non-refundable up front, 60% invoiced and due on delivery; I’m GST-registered and accept PayPal. I will facilitate website hosting and domain name registration, but clients need to set up their own contract with a hosting service. Half-Day Session (3 – 4 hours) – workshops are charged at CAD$400, plus travel expenses and accommodation if applicable.

  • High end design, how much it will it cost?

  • Terms

    Work done for a client becomes the client's property after costs are settled, but I retain the right to use images of it in my portfolio. The client is responsible for ensuring they hold the copyright for artwork and text supplied to me, and must supply it in a usable format; specifically, photos must be of sufficiently-high resolution, not yanked off a web page, and logos must be vector EPS images, not JPEGs.


    Career Transitions Workshop

    How do I re-invent my career? How do I make the transition to another field? How do I find the right career path for me? What should I be paid? What are the best jobs for ON’s future?

    Hineni’s free 6-hour career and job research workshop helps you find the answers, plus you can get:

    •books to help your job search
    •company contact lists
    •help finding jobs that are not advertised

    Our workshops are open to anyone receiving Employment Insurance, Income Assistance or anyone unemployed and legally able to work in Canada. Basic computer skills are required.

    The workshops are free, and are sponsored by Service Canada and Ministry of Mission.

    Contact Hineni Media at 647.448.2052 to reserve a place in the next available session. Upcoming sessions:

    •July 7, 21
    •August 4, 18

    All sessions take place at Barbara Frum Public Library in Toronto, at 350 Covington (corner of Bathurst & Covington). Sessions will be run from
    8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

    Is six hours too much to start? Do you need something more flexible, without the commitment? Consider a one-hour drop-in tour of MIcroskills Women's business, career and job resources

    Research workshop

    Research workshop

    Stay on top of the information revolution by taking a workshop specifically tailored to your needs by a professional researcher. Whether your interest is business or personal, we will teach you how to access information quickly and efficiently from a variety of sources, including print, CDs, the Internet and the library’s databases.

    Training options include:

    •Individuals, students, small businesses or corporate groups
    •1 hour workshops for up to 15 people
    •half-day research workshops focused on specific subjects
    Your session will be customized to suit your needs.

    Workshops for individuals start at $200 for a 45-60 minute workshop, including an information package, and take place at Hineni on Level 1, Yorkdale or at Barbara Frum Public Library.

    Small group workshops start at $200 for prepared topics on small business start-up and market research. Hands-on small group workshops in the library's computer lab are also available, beginning at $725. Our group workshops are limited to 15 people.

    Workshops are by appointment only. Please contact Marisol Diaz (647.448.252), drop by Hineni Media on Level 1 of the Yorkdale Mall, or use our web form to request a quote.

    Mailing Lists

    Mailing lists

    Let Hineni Media create a customized mailing/contact list based upon your individual requirements. We will listen to your needs and create the best list for you. Our sources include businesses and organizations of all sizes.

    We provide contact lists for any information need including:

    •contact names
    •sales territories
    •competitive intelligence
    •employee recruitment
    •customer leads

    We use up-to-date databases and can refine lists by using specific search criteria, such as:

    •type of business
    •industry (using NAICS or SIC code)
    •geographic area
    •number of employees
    •...and more!

    Whether you already know exactly what you want or you're just getting started, InfoAction will make sure you get the list you need.

    Request a free quote

    Hineni Media does not provide residential mailing lists.

    Labor & Market Research

    Labour Market Research:

    Whether you are just starting out or considering a mid-life career change,career transition or career shift. Labor Market research is about career prospects in specific industries or to discover which fields are predicted to be the next hot occupations. Research the salary potential, job description, working conditions, opportunities for advancement, and training needed for your prospective new career.When you're done, get resume help or check out our freelance,self employment,online business implementation area or smply and job-finding links.

    Hineni conducts market research for entrepreneurs starting a new business or considering investing in an unfamiliar industry.

    When clients have a limited budget, we usually conduct two hours of research in library sources and on the Internet to profile the industry and gather information about the target market, at a cost of $180.

    Instant Online Delivery

    Complete reports are immediately available in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format for online viewing and/or download.

    If you have more extensive needs, or you want to significantly reduce the risk of your investment, we can conduct thorough research into a target company and its ownership, as well as opportunities, trends, and forecasts for the industry. Learn more in our case study of a client considering investment in the food and beverage industry.

    Barbara Frum Public Library’s collection and Hineni's additional fee-based databases give us a broad range of resources for secondary market research, including:

    •Demographic information from leading Canadian publishers
    •Databases that provide analysis of the Canadian census
    •Market research databases that profile industries and provide projections
    •Expert searching of Canadian statistics via Statistics Canada/CANSIM
    •Industry, trade journal, and media articles for current trends
    •Industry and trade directories to identify competitors

    Our market research rate is $90 per hour.

    We also provide contact lists for companies by industry or region for direct mail or telephone marketing.


    Information Designer,Info-Preneuer and Facilitator 's Services:


    •Blogsite development, Wordpress and Membership Websites Implementation
    •Information Based Business.Knowledge Based Enteprises
    Paid content business. Digital products How-to.

    We also offer (1)research (2)Career Transitions and (3)Cross cultural Preparation Workshops.

    All our services offer:

    •Complete confidentiality
    •Fast turnaround time
    •Reasonable rates
    •Professional and experienced researchers
    •Confidential intermediaries to obtain sensitive information on your behalf
    We use specialized databases, including:

    •Factiva (Dow Jones & Reuters)

    Contact us if we haven't described what you're looking for.

    June 21, 2010

    Developing a website: better content or better Graphics?

    In this internet-savvy world, websites are becoming the face of your organization and increasingly gaining the importance over several other non-electronic items.

    Take these important tips:

    The best way to design a site is to start with just the words and links. Then add the artwork in black and white to ensure layout etc works. Add the color last. Never start designing a site with what it looks like, start with what it will say.

    Make sure that the design process includes best practices such as a content audit and content strategy, wireframing (the outline or layout of each page before any visual design is applied) and site structure, ensuring that each audience has an engaging and seamless experience on the site, quickly finding the information that is relevant to them.

    I believe, that Content has been the King for any kind of expression, be it electronic or non-electronic. But, in the past couple of years, the importance of Presentation has gained the ground. This point demands your Graphics to be beautiful and eye-catchy. So, today, we require a combination of Graphics and Content into something called as Graphical Content.

    How do you make the balance between CONTENT and GRAPHICS in your website?

    Use Balance, which is the most important factor, can be achieved by keeping the best quality Content with suitably placed and masterfully crafted Graphics. This is because, anyone who visits your website will first be exposed to your Graphics and the way of presentation. Afterwards, he will move on to the actual content. Though, I agree that after this initial look up, he would be interested in going through the content of your website. So, you should concentrate on providing that initial feel to the visitor by your Superb Graphics and than concentrate on your Content, because after this, what matters is the Content. However, you can embed appropriate Graphics into your Content as and when you feel necessary

    Graphics are essential if you're selling products, in which case you want 3 images per product. Graphics are important if the topic is visual - like a picture or a video. But in terms of general design principles, the less artwork the better.

    Register to learn or run your own profitable online business @

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    June 20, 2010

    How to file for unemployment in Canada

    How to file for unemployment in Canada.

    Canada EI stands for Canada Employment Insurance. EI provides for compensation in the event you become unemployed for 7 consecutive days or more. You will want to apply for Canada EI within 4 weeks of becoming unemployed. Generally Canada EI will pay an unemployment insurance benefit of about 55% of your income and this benefit is taxable compensation. There is a yearly maximum benefit of about $42,000.

    Canada EI is a program run by Service Canada at their website At this website you can find much more information about Canada EI and you can also apply for Canada EI unemployment insurance. While you are receiving your EI compensation you will need to file an employment report every two weeks. This allows you to maintain your eligibility for Canada EI. You can file your employment report online at the website or you can use the telephone system so submit your EI employment report.

    Information that you will need to file a successful Canada EI claim

    Before you pick up the phone to call your province's unemployment office and file your EI's claim, you need to be prepared for the questions that you will be asked or if online the questions to fill out. Not having the answers to these questions will delay your claim or cause it to be denied.

    Be ready to answer these questions:

    What was your start date? Know this to the exact day.
    What was your last day of work? (It should be yesterday or Friday if you're calling on Monday. Don't delay filing your claim.)
    What was your annual salary? Refer to last year's tax forms if necessary. If there is a discrepancy with what your employer says, it will cause a delay.
    What was the reason for ending your employment? The best answer is "lack of work." If you were terminated for cause, just say, "terminated." If you quit or resigned, you're probably wasting your time because you won't be eligible unless your employer was doing something horrible that forced you to resign
    Are you owed any vacation or holiday pay? Make sure you know the answer! Because saying "no" when the answer is "yes" can put your entire claim in jeopardy. Saying "yes" when the answer is "no" can cost you money. If the answer is "yes," know how much you are owed and when you expect to receive payment.
    That's basically it, but you should also be prepared for a curveball here and there. They might ask you what you intend to do to find work, for example.

    You need to apply for rental assistance-immediately. Think ROOF(Rental Opportunity for Ontario Families(ROOF) call 1-888-544-5101 (TTY: 1-800-263-7776), or email and fill out the paperwork-what's the worse can happen? you get denied? You need to take whatever is available to you-immediately

    Get some help-financially and psychologically.

    Look for the services of a temp recruiter

    If you are single think about going to overseas to teach for a year.

    Anyway, if you go into that conversation with the answers to all the above questions at the ready, you're ahead of the game.

    Good luck!

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    How to survive when Canada EI finish.

    Canada EI stands for Canada Employment Insurance. EI provides for compensation in the event you become unemployed for 7 consecutive days or more. You will want to apply for Canada EI within 4 weeks of becoming unemployed. Generally Canada EI will pay an unemployment insurance benefit of about 55% of your income and this benefit is taxable compensation. There is a yearly maximum benefit of about $42,000.

    Canada EI is a program run by Service Canada at their website At this website you can find much more information about Canada EI and you can also apply for Canada EI unemployment insurance. While you are receiving your EI compensation you will need to file an employment report every two weeks. This allows you to maintain your eligibility for Canada EI. You can file your employment report online at the website or you can use the telephone system so submit your EI employment report.

    But what happens when you run out of unemployment insurance? How can you make more money?

    You've been down so gosh darned long it looks like up to you, and now the unemployment checks are about to stop flowing. This is where the ability to survive financially takes precedence over all the other stresses of unemployment. What to do?

    Here are a few ideas. You may have to swallow your pride to execute some of them, but that's not a bad thing. Hey, it's survival, right? here are ten ways to make money:

    1.Downsize your life. You got downsized, and now you get to do the same to your lifestyle. Move to a small apartment. Drive a smaller car if you must drive. Shop at thrift stores or repair your clothes. Eat a Spartan and healthy diet consisting largely of dried beans and rice, vegetables, and spices arranged in creative and delicious ways.
    2. Hold a garage sale. This is a great way to clean out your closets and bring in some cash.
    3.If you don't have a garage (or even if you do and you have some treasures that you don't want to part with for pennies on the dollar) sell stuff on E-bay. If you can write decent copy and take a decent picture, you can sell almost anything. E-bay can be as much or as little work as you want it to be.
    4.Do stuff for other people. Make some fliers that say, "Hey, I lost my job and need to pick up a few bucks until I find another one. Will do (list of things you can do for them). Call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx." You'll find that people can be very kind. If you're at all handy, this could even end up being a real business. Dig deep and think of valuable services that you can provide. If you're good at sewing, offer yourself as a tailor. If you're a whiz with computers, offer yourself as a computer guru. If you've got a green thumb, offer to help people with their gardens. People always need things done.
    5.Sell your car. Figure out how to do without it. Believe it or not, it can be done in almost any urban area or small town. I know because I've done without a car for most of my adult life, and I've lived in a lot of places. Getting rid of your car gives you an immediate boost in cash and a long-term financial gain in no longer having to pay for insurance, gas, repairs, etc. Cars are expensive, and it's surprisingly liberating to do without one.
    6.Recycle. You'd be amazed what people throw away. You can find all kinds of saleable goods in garbage cans: copper wiring, cans and bottles, even stuff that could be sold on E-bay. Hey, don't knock it; this might just be one of the most honorable ways of earning a buck if you really stop and think about it.
    7.Find religion. Hey, this is about survival, right? Join a congregation or church and make your situation known. You'll be surprised how supportive a community of faith can be. Try not to be a hypocrite, though. If you're an avowed atheist, see if your town has a Buddhist temple; you don't have to believe in God to be a Buddhist. If you do believe in God, a veritable smorgasbord of options are available in Canada and most other industrialized countries.
    8.Sell your body. No, not the sex trade -- that's dangerous and may involve swallowing more than your pride. Researchers in psychology, sociology, and medicine are always looking for lab rats, and they'll pay you to participate in studies. You can also sell plasma in most cities. Hey, it's money in your pocket.
    9.Take surveys. Participating in market research surveys pays a little. You can make a couple bucks every day this way
    10. Tell a joke or sing a song -- or both! If you can do anything remotely entertaining, you can probably find an audience for it. You might not become a big star (or you might) but you can probably pick up 50 bucks now and again. The beauty is that if you live in a city with a lot of cultural activities, you can usually busk on the street somewhere, and if you don't live in such a place, you can easily find an indoor gig because people stuck in cultural backwaters are hungry for things to do.

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    Best part-time job prospects for working mothers

    According to a survey, the best part-time job prospects for working mothers will be in: media and marketing companies, with 51 per cent of companies planning to hire; health care and medicine, 50 per cent hiring; consultancy services, with 49 per cent hiring; banking, finance and insurance, with 46 per cent hiring; retail sales, with 46 per cent hiring; and information and communications technology, with 44 per cent hiring.

    But the other part of the equation is that Canadian companies generally fail to offer employees the flexible working conditions they desire, such as working part time, job sharing, or telecommuting. Her research shows that only 5 per cent have onsite or company-sponsored daycare, leaving some parents with no option but to remain at home.

    That's when ideas of self employment or starting a business are abundant. Running a business from home can be a good way for women for remain with economic independence;
    do what she really loves and has skill for or to keep a hand in the working world and avoid getting trapped on the mommy track.

    Most companies have not company-sponsored daycare, and not much flexibility.
    So reading these has me and many other women wondering if anything has really been accomplished by the feminist movement. Women STILL have to basically choose between career and home, they cannot get it all. There’s still a lot of societal expectation of women to have children but at the same time, there’s a lot of expectation for women to “do her part”. It makes for a VERY confused situation. And worse, those who end up bearing the brunt of the problems are families and innocent children.

    Tips for new mompreneurs / working women and moms

    Write a business plan that includes a cash flow summary and market research for one year
    Join at least two networking groups
    Find a mentor
    Plan for a marketing budget
    Invest in a good website
    Invest in building your online reputation through articles and online networking groups
    Apply for credit and loans while you still have a steady income
    Hire experts when you can -- such as for bookkeeping and legal services
    Separate your personal expenses and assets from your business as much as possible

    Register for Entrepreneurial training pieces, courses and seminars @
    Hineni Media email

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    June 14, 2010

    How to build profitable paid membership sites

    Hineni host courses on paid membership sites and there are three main reasons why you consider them to be useful:

    Expert Guidance and Personal Tutelage. A well maintained membership site allows you to have frequent direct contact with the instructor. This allows you to tap their expertise on specific topics and will also help to clarify any personal problems you may have with your online business or website.

    Beneficial Interaction with Other Members. This is the second best thing about membership sites. You get to learn together with other members and communicate with each other over each lesson. It’s like being back in school. Anyone who has went through training courses like this will tell you that they’ve easily made quite a few friends and business partners for life.

    Comprehensive Information Package. Most of what you want to learn can not be found on the web or in books for free. The selling point of most membership sites (as you might learn yourself) is how the content is packaged and presented. Instead of compiling articles by surfing the web, you pay and get them served up to you in multiple formats.


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    Female Entrepreneuers and Childcare

    There's a very real lack of childcare for children under two and a half years of age which poses a real problem for those of us who being entrepreneuers that become parents; need to go back to work early; are new immigrants-parents or just become new female entrepreneurs.

    I have child care but only after a long wait,-the divine intervention of God and a social worker- and that both my partner at the time and I were not "working",he was laid off and I just have gave birth to a baby. Nevertheless I had to register in some courses or classes to 'qualified' which I did.

    Being an entrepreneuer and parenting young kids either for our personal financial needs or for the financial health of our businesses is not that easy or cheap. The cost of childcare is such that for many families it becomes a zero sum equation for one parent to work and childcare to be paid for. Right now in Ontario, the average cost of licenced child care is approximately $750 per month and care for infants is generally the most expensive.

    What childcare options I'm talking about? Nurseries, Childminders,Nannies, Babysitters, Au Pairs, Mother's Help.

    With no parental leave as an option for the self-employed, I admit before leaving the corporate world in USA I often meditated on the absence of a paid maternity leave as a big drawback for any entrepreneur planning a family specially in a new country. Certainly either in USA, Canada or anywhere else a paid year off is helpful. The real things is that affordable, available, reliable childcare remains, in most provinces and certainly here in ON, Canada, it's expensive, frankly a bit elusive. The fact or nightmare that my kids could be on wait list for care and might take two years from now it's just scary.( last notice from their office as I'm not register in a 'class' and self employment I guess it's not enough?, neither is new civil status? oh my!

    These are issues which all parents – not just the self-employed – Ontario-, but the entrepreneur in general has a specific dilemma in that it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to have someone step in and cover your position while you're off caring for an infant. Yes, help can be brought in for the company overall, and in my case I'm not very lucky to have a business partner to share the role of running the business with, and ultimately my business couldn't afford for me to be off for too long – whether that absence is paid or not.

    So access to affordable and reliable childcare would ease the way for entrepreneurial parents to mind the health of both their businesses and their families. And, while this is an issue which impacts both male and female entrepreneurs, its impact is arguably felt by women the most. With women-run businesses being one of the largest growing segments of the economy – one million women are projected to own a business in Canada by the end of this year – this is an issue which really needs to be addressed, for the health of our economy, women and children.

    We need our government to fund more fulltime childcare programs, more skills development for ECE, and better salaries for the special people who care for our children. They are the future of this nation, and they should be a priority, just as their parents are the "present" of this nation.

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    June 11, 2010

    Business Opportunities ...sometimes from home !

    Realistic Business Opportunities For Women

    Raising a family is demanding, and today’s economy is only making it harder. Because of this, we’ve compiled a few practical tips that women can use to generate an income in their spare time. These easy and effective ideas might not make you rich, but they can help with managing your bills or building your savings. A little extra cash is always nice!

    Go Freelance

    There are plenty of businesses willing to pay you for your time and skills; you just have to know where to start. For instance, many companies now outsource content production to freelancers instead of paying for an in-house staff.

    I've used Elance, and ODesk.

    If you have a diploma or college degree, you can help tutor students across the globe. is a great site that will pay you by the hour for tutoring, mentoring, or reviewing essays.

    Sign up as a Virtual Assistant:

    Many small businesses are feeling the weight of the recession and have been forced to cut back on staff; however they still have to manage day-to-day operations.

    Build A Business

    Most Moms are gifted with unique talents and abilities learned in the life they had before starting a family. You can use these talents to build your own business.

    You can also capitalize on your professional and natural skills. Are you good with computers, interior decorating, or event planning? There are tons of potential clients out there that would rather hire those skills out than deal with them. Because you have all of the knowledge and skills necessary, you won’t need to invest extra time or money into learning the task.

    Paid Content Business:

    Essentially, a membership site is when anyone pays to access information you publish in a password protected area on your site. You can offer exclusive articles, information, or even a service (like software, games, ebooks, or music). My club teaches you how to start and market your own membership web site.

    People are willing to pay for online content. In fact, the "Online Publishers Association" revealed that pay-for content is emerging as a hot revenue model. Get paid to turn your hobby, specialized knowledge, or profession into a membership web site.

    Sell, Sell, Sell

    Did you know that according to an eBay/Nielsen survey there are 52 unused items in average US households worth over $3,000? Use sites like eBay, Craigslist, Hoobly, and efleaa to make cash off your old furniture, baby equipment, jewelry and clothes. As long as you set a minimum asking price you are guaranteed to see a nice bit of cash.Regal, Avon,Mary Kay, you name it.

    You can also try going to clearance events Goodwill or gently used items or local garage sales to find cheap items that can be resold at a profit. If you’re selling it, odds are there are people out there that want to buy it.

    Corporations everywhere are willing to pay you to take photographs. Sites such as ShutterStock,Getty Images, Fotolia, and BigStockPhoto will sell your photos to these companies for use in advertising and on web sites. You can make between 25 cents per download to a nice percentage of a commission sale, so upload lots of pictures to create a nice residual income. The best part is that you can take photos of anything you want!

    EBooks are another great thing to sell on the web.
    You can create your own or you can buy the master rights to eBooks about subjects you’re interested in.

    If you’re the creative type, try selling your own handmade crafts. Etsy is a site dedicated to connecting buyers with handmade goods but you can even use Facebook or Myspace for it .

    All it takes is a good idea, a little work, and a few spare minutes a day. Success is entirely up to you!

    More @

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    The Art of Self Sufficient

    I'm not talking about Self-Sufficient Living which contains many of the chapters and topics you would expect to see in a how-to book on living self-sufficiently: from the everyday, like gardening fundamentals, to the adventurous, like intentional bug consumption.

    I talk about the art of using your skills to make a living. Women must be totally be self-sufficient, or they won't survive. It's that simple.

    Let's face it, not only professional women with lack of time or preparation but women looking for work from home often don't have the money to take a chance on expensive memberships, or purchase materials for start up business opportunities, etc but there are business or work ideas for all types of skills such as:

    Arts & Crafts Business and Parties & Special Events Services

    Business Services and Computer Businesses

    Child-Related Businesses

    Personal and Specialty Services

    I wanted to provide a resource in my blog to the stay at home mom community and other women through a series of Paid-Content Business ideas. I'll be providing all basic information you need here to help you find your own work from home niche' and the insider tips @

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    June 09, 2010

    Our guides, workbooks, tutorials and courses

    Starting a Information Based Business

    Guides, workbooks, tutorials and courses

    Finally — an online content course and a club designed to help you through the process of starting and running an independent information-based business.

    By subscribing to this content, you’ll be prepared to:

    •Describe information based business, including what information professionals do, what people information consultants, who hires them and why, and what the main knowledge-based enteprises markets are
    •Assess your consulting and entrepreneurship potential and generate ideas for a information-based business
    •Evaluate options for starting an information based business, including ways to transition, options for business structures and factors to consider in choosing a business structure
    •Analyze your market, including profiling and understanding target customers, mapping your services to those customers, identifying competitors, weighing your business against the competition’s, analyzing industry trends and choosing a niche
    •Determine your financing needs, including considering whether you need credit and qualifying for credit
    •Explore self employed, freelance contractors, independent business owner and small/medium business management considerations, such as understanding rules and regulations in your region/profession, understanding insurance options and hiring professional services for your business (accounting, lawyer, etc)
    •Promote your business and find clients by discovering what to include in a marketing plan, planning your own marketing and learning how to find work
    •Strengthen your sales skills, in areas such as finding prospects, generating leads, qualifying leads, finding a fit, making a proposal and asking for the sale and closing the deal.

    Subscribe @

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    Save time and Money.. hire an Information Professional

    "What Can an Information Professional Do for My Business?"

    An Independent Information Professional (IIP) offers you top-quality, on-demand assistance in locating, analyzing, and applying information.

    Tapping into the knowledge and skills of an Independent Information Professional can help you get your job done more quickly and more effectively.

    Each IIP is an owner or partner in an information business and provides expertise in particular skills and/or subjects.

    Research and Technical Skills

    IP could use research tools and sources available only by subscription. This provides you levels and types of information that the general public cannot access.

    IP have serious expertise in their fields. Many have multiple and advanced degrees in information science and other specialties. IPs are skilled in providing research and consulting services to clients in business, industry, libraries, and other settings.

    IPs provide value-added brainpower for organizations that need short- and long-term specialized research and analytical support.

    Subject Expertise

    Vertical industries in which IPs specialize include (but are not limited to) Business, Engineering, Science, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Government/Regulatory, Information Technology, Education, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Non-profits, Life Sciences, Construction, Foods and Beverages, Telecommunications, Aviation, and Automotive.

    Range of Services

    Mostly all IPs provide a diverse range of services such as:

    Business Research and Analysis - Business reports; competitor/company profiles and financials; scenario planning; financial, demographic and other projections; strategic and business analysis and planning.

    Online Information Searching - News searches; commercial database literature searches.

    Information/Knowledge Management - Information and knowledge management analysis and planning; document management systems; archive organization; wiki development; oral histories; information audits.

    Writing, Editing and Document Creation - Writing customized reports, white papers, and proposals; editing documents; textbook fact checking; defining requirements.

    Training and Consulting - Presentations or workshops on research techniques; consulting on information sources.

    Library Setup and Maintenance - Assessing an organization's needs for a public or corporate library; space planning; collection development; cataloging; maintenance of the library's in-house collection.

    All the above avalaible through Hineni Media

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    Knowledge Is Power!

    Knowledge Is Power! The Cost of Knowing (About IBB) Is Nothing Compared To The Cost Of Not Knowing…

    In your business you know that knowledge is power. When it comes time to use knowledge-based-a powerful business tool-use it most effectively by consulting with one of the most knowledgeable pals in the world on this specialized subject.

    Strategize with Mary Diaz to improve your company's bottom-line. Together you will identify the optimal solution for your information based company's situation, and set-up a step-by-step plan for the attainment of your goals.

    These trading goals may include ways to:

    1) Turn your liabilities into assets
    2) Gain sales in new markets
    3) Dramatically cut your cost of borrowing money
    4) Follow proven techniques to beat your competition
    5) Cut your middleman costs
    6) Find new low cost sources
    7) And, most importantly, structure the best deal for your company.

    Doors will be opened for you which will provide very safe and profitable ways to leverage your product or service. You will receive advice on contracts which protect your interests, and be introduced to the most effective and efficient companies in the business…if that's the direction you desire.

    She's provided consultation services to entrepreneurs and other companies, both here and abroad. She was also an international strategic advisor to venture capitalists.

    Additionally, you will benefit from Diaz's expertise on the latest accounting and tax information for self employed, plus valuable marketing and advertising assistance.

    Take advantage of the wealth of experience offered by this information-based industry veteran, and your bottom-line profits will surely grow.

    Mary Diaz, ePublisher
    Voice: (647) 448-2052
    Fax: ()

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    Telephone and On-Site Consulting with Mary Diaz

    Telephone and On-Site Consulting with Mary Diaz

    For those who need to ask an expert specific questions to get started or over a roadblock, Mary Diaz will be available for a very limited amount of telephone consulting.

    Our normal consulting fees are $130 per hour. But in order to be accessible to small businesses we offer 15 minutes of oral telephone consulting for only $45--no exceptions or minimums.

    This telephone consultation service does not include:

    Providing more than one hour of telephone consulting.
    Written reports of any kind.
    Doing advance study.
    Providing endorsements.
    On-site consulting.
    (Our standard consulting rate is $1,000 per day plus travel and accommodations, plus $500 for each additional day required for travel.)
    Signing Non-Disclosure Statements. (We will keep your information confidential, it’s not worth the potential legal liability to sign an NDS for $75.)
    E-mail your fax number to us at so we can determine the best time for your oral consultation…we will fax you a form for your convenience.

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    June 08, 2010

    Paid Content Business Concepts

    These enterprises or business concepts can be well capitalize and can afford their own in-house ebusiness team. However if you have a product or service that a lot of people want, the e-business system will pay for itself.

    Concierge Service
    Desktop imagery
    Do-it-Youself site
    Educational products
    Auto advice & repair tips
    Business plans
    Greetings card mailing services
    Web design
    Weight loss services
    Photo display size
    Real state
    Hobby store
    Graphic design
    Hewsletter developer
    Health guide
    Small business resource center
    Market Research

    Subscribe to the club @

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    June 04, 2010

    e-Business In a Box

    E-Business In a Box is a custom-designed blog site that Hineni offers, complete with an online shopping system designed to accommodate your products and business. Included with this development solution are six months of Web site hosting by HM's host and one year of domain name registration. And there are no setup fees. Your credit card transactions–including processing and authorizing–are conducted in HM Host’s secure environment.

    If you want a part-time, online business, this membership includes over 100 business ideas. A sample to get you started so possibilities are endless.

    Our club offers the best Paid-Content business ideas so you can:

    1. Build on your interests and skills
    2. Respond to well-researched customer needs and preferences

    And they are solid business opportunities, not scams designed to part you from your money!

    The more tailored a business idea is to your needs and the needs of potential customers, the better it is. To get started register @:

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    Questions and Answering Services

    We offer

    Q & A Services: knowledgeable advice and guidance for all your business needs. We can recommend the right solution just for you on:

    Answer-providing services.
    Q&A: Hurdles to e-Business
    eBusiness Q&A
    Q&A: Internet Business Opportunities
    Start Your Own Internet Business
    E-Business Model
    Digital business
    Knowledge workers
    Information age professional
    Business & E-Business · Business & E-Business Blog
    Information Technology and profesional Services
    Independent Information Professionals
    Virtual Research
    Effective enterprises
    Small business intelligence
    Cross Cultural Information Industry
    e-business & IT
    Succesful & Profitable Virtual Business Ideas
    Cross Cultural/ Business Q&A Internet Service

    Contact us:

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    June 03, 2010

    Information Based Business Guide

    Operating an Independent Information Based Business:
    A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs

    Are you wondering what it takes and what it is like to run your own business as an information professional? This course provides a checklist and a systematic examination of the considerations, advantages, and challenges of operating as an independent and of the practical measures involved (business registration, banking, fee setting, contracts, etc). Attendees will discover and discuss the range of activities associated with gaining visibility, marketing, finding clients, selling a project, and producing the deliverables. The instructor, is the owner of her own businesses, offer a realistic view of the rewards and realities along with its checklist

    Specific learning outcomes for interests:

    At the end of the course, students will have been presented with and discussed a range of features associated with independent business so that they are in a position to determine on a factual basis, and with the insights shared by the instructors, whether entrepreneurship is a viable option for them.

    Key topics covered:

    The pros and cons of being an Independent Information Professional
    personality traits that may support infopreneurship or be a challenge
    researching the potential market for the intended services
    financial and legal aspects (price setting, contracts, sole proprietorship vs. incorporation)
    the logistics of establishing and managing a business (registration, the home office, accounting)
    techniques for marketing their services (website, networking, etc)
    managing the client relationship
    business ethics

    Target Audience:
    Individuals who are considering the possibility of setting up an Information Based Business, individuals who already operate an information services company or who are simply curious. offers you a complete set of online business-building tools that help you to work more efficiently and effectively. The tools do the work they are supposed to and you add the BAM (brains and motivation).

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    Knowledge-based enterprise

    Knowledge-based enterprise : sources Knowledge gathering.

    A knowledge-based enterprise derives knowledge from various sources that include:
    Customer knowledge: customer needs, perceptions, and motivations, who to contact, customer buying power, what differentiation strategy and customer services need to be developed to win and retain customers, etc.

    Competitor knowledge: what competitors are selling now and what they are planning to sell in the future, what is their strategic intent, what competitive strategies they use to win in the marketplace.

    Product knowledge: the products in the marketplace, who is buying them and why, what prices they are selling at, and how much money is spent on such products now and may be spent in future.

    Process knowledge: best practices, technology intelligence and forecasting, systemic Innovation, cross-functional synergy opportunities, etc.

    Financial knowledge: capital resources, where and how to acquire venture capital and at what cost, and the integrating in financial practices.

    People knowledge: knowing people and what motivates employees, obtaining feedback, the expertise available, and how to go about finding experts.


    Become Self-sufficient

    Become Self-sufficient

    Self-sufficiency builds self-esteem and confidence, allowing you to participate in relationships out of conscious choice instead of a desperate need. Identify the things in your life for which you are dependent on someone else (finances, emotional well-being, household tasks, etc.). Pick one and start taking responsibility for managing this for yourself.

    If finances is your issue, take control, tackle and bring a solution to it either by working outside the home or from home.

    Take control

    Debt or scarce financial resources creates stress and/or dependency on others. Make a list of your monthly expenses and income. If you live beyond your means, you need to alter your lifestyle or develop an action plan for earning the money to support it.

    Working outside the home or from home?

    This is an issue that evokes strong emotions on both sides. And both choices are laced with a lot of rewards accompanied.

    What is my reason for working outside of the home?

    Many women work outside of the home because of finances. A husband and wife must decide together what their financial situation requires. However, it would be wise as couple and as families to consider the difference between “needs” and “wants.” A nurturing home life always outweighs momentary material accumulation that is not necessarily required. The pattern in the Bible is for a wife to maintain the home, and there is always blessing in God’s relationship structures. If a family is struggling financially, it may be preferable for a wife to first consider if she can find a job that keeps her closer to home, has convenient hours for the family, or is run out of her home.

    What is my energy level?

    Not many women can balance a high profile career with their home life. A woman with a high energy level may be able to give her all in her home life and also in her job, but it must be remembered that motherhood is a twenty-four hour job, and she is taking on two occupations when she works outside of the home. This is a lot of strain to take into consideration.

    Will this create home-life division or unnecessary temptation?

    Today, more and more children are raising themselves. The mark of this is becoming apparent in a spiritually anemic younger generation. Biblical marriages are falling apart at the same rate as those who are unbelievers. This should cause biblical couples to consider whether their choices will profit their family or harm it. A woman must consider if working outside of the home will create undue temptation. Infidelity skyrocketed when women began to join the workforce, and women should be sober in considering their work options.

    It must also be considered that a couple and family might profit from a wife’s work outside the home. She may be able to supplement the income. She also may have work that she enjoys, and the family can share in that joy. This is a topic each couple should prayerfully consider, preferably before marriage, so they may be united in what will bring spiritual, emotional, and provisional well-being to the family in a way that will honor G-d and His Word.

    We encourage women to always be financially independent, as you never know the future. Self-sufficiency builds self-esteem and confidence, allowing you to participate in relationships out of conscious choice instead of a desperate need.

    Business ideas to work from Home: A Complete Guide to Finding or Creating a Work-At-Home Job @

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    June 01, 2010

    What is a Knowledge Worker

    In Ontario, outside of Toronto, we have more entry-level jobs than knowledge-based jobs. In Toronto, 45 per cent of jobs are knowledge workers.

    Knowledge Workers

    Knowledge workers are individuals with high levels of education or expertise in a specific area. They use their cognitive ability to define difficult problems and identify intelligent solutions.

    Knowledge workers are those individuals whose main value is their ability to gather, analyze, and disseminate information.

    Knowledge workers include doctors, lawyers, educators, scientists, and engineers. Also included are those in senior positions in consulting, marketing, advertising, insurance, finance, and policy development. Knowledge-based jobs like senior business executives, airline pilots, musicians, and even government officials are also categorized as knowledge workers.

    Jobs as a researcher or knowledge worker
    There is a significant demand for highly trained workers in Canada and it is relatively easy to gain employment as a researcher or knowledge worker in if you are bilingual. There are a number of special schemes that make it easier for highly qualified foreign nationals to obtain a Canadian work and residence permit.

    If the knowledge worker does not feel like working in an enclosed cubicle or is not comfortable working in an office, he can always try freelancing and work at his own pace at his own home. He will just have to out shine other freelancers as well. Specialists believe that the need for workers to acquire a range of skills and to continuously adapt to these skills would increase the labor market demand.

    Examples include:

    •New business opportunities are usually a lock for employment; they need to connect with others to mine employment and other opportunities. The productivity of knowledge workers is important to world economy.

    •Knowledge workers who wish to have a great career in the knowledge industry may try IT businesses.
    •Research institutes and academic institutions are demanding

    •Consultancy firms are knowledge-based enterprises.

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