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November 29, 2010

Basics on Infopreneurship

What is Infopreneurship?

Infopreneurship is a business model based on the sale of information. Information is a commodity. It is what people look for on the internet. They want answers to their questions. And many are willing to pay for these answers.

Becoming a successful infopreneur is not as difficult as you may think, especially infopublishing the Hineni way*. All you have to do is publish what you know using, the expertise you have with the right process and the right tools. Let’s look at some of the basic steps or ingredients.

The first ingredient is your knowledge. You’ve gained knowledge through study, research, experiences, hobbies, jobs and other means that could be easily shared with others who are looking for the knowledge that you already possess.

Next, is the right process. Sharing your knowledge is the first step in the process. Creating good content is a matter of writing out your knowledge in a way that reflects your personality. When visitors arrive at your website, they find helpful information. This breaks down the barrier of anonymity and creates credibility. When you recommend a product or service, your visitors are more willing to check it out and give it a try.

Finally, you have to have the right tools. If you had to build a house, which of the following objects would you choose in order to drive nails?

a. shoe

b. hammer

c. nail gun

I hope you chose letter “c”. The nail gun allows you to work smarter. You get the job done much quicker and with a lot less effort.

Taking some of my workshops is like having a nail gun to build your business instead of a shoe or a hammer. There are some tools out there that are just not appropriate to building an online business. Others, like the hammer, get the job done but they sure leave you worn out.

Infopublishing the Hineni way*.
My company offers you a complete set of elearning online business-building tools that help you to work more efficiently and effectively. The tools do the work they are supposed to and you add the BAM (brains and motivation).Contact me for more details

Marisol Diaz is an experienced workshop presenter,executive editor,IA and a business facilitator. Marisol Diaz works part time as online business Implementation consultant; technology entrepreneur in Toronto. She has founded three ventures, writes a Immigrant business blog @ where
she has been also writing on Canada settlement, employment and immigration law since 2006. contact her @

November 24, 2010

Make money with Paid Content

So if the large local and international newspapers with their huge audiences are not generating subscriptions, who is?

The answer is highly focused niche websites. As Gary Hoover said at the recent SIPA (Specialist Information Publishers Association) Conference “In the information business all the money is in the niches”.

There is a huge amount of PROFIT being made online in the form of online membership sites which is a paid content business model.

Highly successful examples include:-

•Strategic Profits – $10m+ business
•Stompernet – $25m+ business
•Success Chef (prelaunch)
•Double Your Dating – $20m+ business

I could the continue the list with the likes of Armand Morin , Mike Filsaime , Jeff Walker , Yanik Silver , John Reese , Ray Edwards , Jim Edwards , Frank Kern , Jason Postash and many many more. Among bloggers Brain Clark with Teaching Sells and Yaro Starak with Blog Mastermind immediately come to mind.

Then of course there are the mega information marketers such as Agora Publishing with multiple content channels such as Early to Rise.

Knowledge and expertise is still a limited resource and there are many reasons why people pay to get access to it. Check out these paid content websistes:

When knowledge is restricted to one individual or a small group of individuals e.g. share tipping and investment information - and Bull Market Report

When knowledge is inextricably linked to one personality or celebrity e.g. Jancis Robinsons’ expertise in wine,

When the editor has privileged access to source material e.g. insider industry information like

The timeliness of information. If one website gets access to information quicker than other sites, people will pay for that time advantage e.g. the fashion trend prediction site

A specialist website aggregates information which saves the reader time and hassle e.g. provides analysis of court judgements that are relevant to landlords

The website hosts a specialist community. Charging for access acts as a quality filter to ensure all members have a reason and interest in participating e.g. the many collectors clubs and niche industry groups such as

People pay for exclusivity. Many paid-for websites are driven by people wishing to be a member of a small elite group. Its much the same as private members clubs or exclusive golf clubs in the real world e.g.

People who are passionate about a subject often want to submerge themselves in it and are prepared to pay to mix with likeminded people e.g. fans of the T Bird car

Training sites that give people access to information that will improve their skills or knowledge e.g. the photography site and the writers bureau’s writing course

Help sites that enable people to improve themselves or their health e.g South Beach Diet, and What to Expect Pregnancy Club,

Save people time e.g. business book summary sites such as,, and the site that provides preachers with downloadable sermons


I should include affiliate links to all of them, but that isn’t the point – most of these guys are pulling in million dollar earnings on a yearly basis, and whilst they have diversified into physical products, exclusive coaching and seminars.

Agora might even be pulling in $1m a day by now, I don’t have recent figures.

Agora might be making more money than Facebook

Paid content certainly isn’t a dying business model

The future of internet publishing is in the niches. Subscription and advertising revenues will continue to migrate down the long tail to the niche sites. Specialist publishers who are focused on creating the best site in their subject area in the world are set to prosper. The mass market publications will continue to see their audiences and revenues squeezed.

Last but not least is iPad.

Learn everything about it and start your own Paid Content business, visit

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November 15, 2010

Honest Money Making | Profitable Business Opportunities

Making money online used to pretty much require you to build your own Web site, have products to sell and be a marketing savvy. But a new generation of dot-coms have arisen that will pay you for what you know and who you know without you having to be a web designer or a marketing genius. Those are the information based business or infoprenuership ventures.

Money making opportunities are available to you, but you have to be wise about which ones you put your time and effort into. Let's take a look at how to best find online money making opportunities

There are two rules that you should remember above all others when you are looking for internet money making opportunities. The first is that you will always have to work hard to make good money, so don't believe any site that says you can make thousands by doing nothing. The second is that there are tons of money making scams on the internet, and you always need to be cautious with that.

In order to make money, I highly suggest signing up to some work business forums and some internet money making forums to read reviews from other users. I have put a few of the Business Ideas and Opportunities in our site and below.

It takes energy to come up with a new money-making idea, but once the idea has legs and takes form, it becomes exciting and creates all the energy necessary for success. All entrepreneurs will tell you that new ventures feed upon themselves and create a life-force of their own. It’s exciting; I call it ‘the ride up,’ when a new idea takes off and it’s all blue skies with boundless horizons. It’s even addictive, seductive and often very rewarding. The trick is to find an idea that works in order for an entrepreneur to be inspired long enough to dedicate a few hours a day to birth and grow a new business into a money-making machine.

If the ‘tough part’ is coming up with great money-making ideas, then you’ll pleased to know that EscapeArtist has found a resource that offers more than 101 great ideas for making money anywhere in the world. These ideas work for people of any age who would like to live the EscapeArtist lifestyle. You can totally reinvent yourself and launch your own business for the first time, or simply work a few hours a week to earn extra income, wherever you happen to live.

The above site content publishes includes Portable careers & Occupations, draws on many years of experience from a variety of people who have developed their own money-making ideas. It is specifically targeted for the recently unemployed around the world, entreprenuerial minds, expats in foreign lands, or for those who would like to live in another country and need to create income once they arrive. In fact, the content updates weekly and focuses on information through a O.T. (overseas traveler/ International Worker) lens, so these ideas can be replicated anywhere in the world.

While subscribe to this content, you will find that most of the ideas are without risk or downside. Once you explore them, you will be encouraged to test, refine and then roll them out. In addition to ideas for no-risk business ideas, I also suggests:

•Beginning with a business niche that has little or no competition
•The business should be of interest to you, but you don’t need to be considered an expert in the field (although that works too)
•Keeping a low profile to avoid drawing attention, so you can stay under the radar to reduce competition
•The business should be legal or at least accepted in that country.
Portable Trades & Occupations recommends the following:

•Be your own boss
•Do not get an office
•Have no employees or just a few
•Work hours that work for you
•Find a business that has no upper limit on earnings
•Do not incur fixed or expensive assets (buildings, storefronts, production facilities, machinery, planes or boats)
•Choose a business that you enjoy but doesn’t require financial investment so if you have to walk away, you haven’t lost money or become discouraged.

And last but not least, DO NOT GET A Corporate JOB. Instead, discover a niche, create your own business and then market your idea to the world. Whether you market a service or a product, you’ll learn how to work within a variety of fields that match Grandpa’s criteria for low-risk, no investment money-making business opportunities.

By subscribing to the section of Portable Careers & Occupations through Hineni Media Member, you’ll receive a copy of Raleigh Pinskey’ Book, ways to promote yourself, a FREE Bonus book which has been called a ‘Millionaire’s Favorite Read.’ In this Book, you’ll be introduced to powerful Marketing and wealth-building strategies.

12-Month Refund Policy: By subscribing to the section of Portable Careers & Occupations today, you can printed, use it, make money from it, and if for any reason, or no reason at all, you aren’t completely satisfied for up to 12 months after subscription, you’ll receive a complete refund of your subscription price. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problems at all.

If you’ve already made your decision about re-inventing yourself, getting your creditors off your back, making money for a dream fund or just paying your bills, order your copy of Portable Careers and Occupations. If you’d like more information about Portable Careers and Occupations, keep checking our main blog @ for valuable information.

Portable Careers and Occupations will definitely get you off the door and into action, and it could make you rich, so if you’re ready to live free style dream, this is your chance. You’ll meet an entirely new group of people as you launch your new business and you might even have fun and make some new friends along the way. Join us in the Canadian Corporate free lifestyle.


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November 01, 2010



Many experts have been asked this question quite a number of times. They all have different definition for it. But from the simplest definition everyone can give, we all understand that, “Information is an article that creates awareness on a particular topic which can be used to solve different problems. This can be packaged in books, e-books, audio CDs, video CDs, seminars, e.t.c.


An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who specializes in information. They provide, promote, and distribute knowledge, usually within a niche market.
What is an infopreneur? Who can become an infopreneur? The answer is encouraging: anyone and everyone. It is available to people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all education levels.


You don’t need a big shop before you can run this business. All you need is just an e-mail address, a phone number, a business idea or opportunities, internet connection and a starter kit.

That is why I have packaged a kit titled “Untapping Wealth in Infopreneurship”. At the end of these tutorials, you will be able to setup your mailing list, auto responder, e.t.c. This kit also comes with a bonus offer on “Autopilot Business How-to”.


Walk into any of the TD Bank branch and pay into our account.

Account name: Hineni Media

Account number:

After paying, send your payment details to or 647.448.2052 (sms only)

P.S: Remember that it can’t be better than this anywhere else.

I was first inspired to create this kit back when I wanted to return back to work and I was searching for work from home myself. Let's face it, women looking for work from home often don't have time to waste. I wanted to provide a resource to the Work From Home (WFH) community too. I understand the frustration of coming upon website after website with either a clearly bogus online business opportunity, or just a page filled with advertisements for other work from home or work at home websites and no real content, or a website that did claim to have the answers but it was all ads. I provide all the information you need here to help you find your own Information-based business.


About the Author:
Marisol Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online business, web-based business, information based and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, contact me and also visit: